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SPRING 2018 9 T he winners of the 2017 competitions will be announced and awarded at the July Congress. As always, the committee is looking for more members for judging the many contest newsletter issues. If you have experience in publishing or judging newsletters, please consider joining the committee by contacting the chairman. To all chapter newsletter editors and state society editors, now is the time to start thinking about entering these four SAR 2018 competitions: n The Carl F. Bessent Award is presented to SAR chapter editors for the best multiple-sheet and single-sheet periodicals. n The Jennings H. Flathers Award is presented to the state- level society with fewer than 500 members. State membership levels at the end of the preceding year—2017, in this case—will determine which of the contests should be entered. n The Paul M. Niebell Sr. Award is presented to the state- level society, with more than 500 members, having the best periodical or newsletter with 10 or fewer pages. State membership levels at the end of the preceding year—2017, in this case—will determine which of the contests should be entered. n The Grahame T. Smallwood Jr. Award is presented to the state-level society, with more than 500 members, having the best periodical or newsletter with more than 10 pages. The guidelines for judging newsletters can be found at the website via this link, accessed by logging into the SAR site: pages/256/uNYd0HuxX7MM.pdf . Please read these guidelines to understand how, and on what criteria, your publication will be judged. Every editor at a state-level society or chapter considers his newsletter to be excellent and deserving of recognition. Editors are to be commended for the efforts expended. However, only a few awards are available, and the competition is fierce, with little room for error. There is also some subjectivity incorporated into the judging process in order to provide flexibility in determining the best newsletters. These guidelines should help editors determine if they are meeting the requirements necessary to be competitive. If so, the editors can submit their publications for judging. If not, the editors should work toward meeting the requirements before submitting. Remember, good communication is the goal, not awards or accolades. To be eligible for competition, submission should be the single issue, as determined by the editor/chapter, determined to be the best published issue per calendar year (January to December 2018), to be submitted to the Newsletters and Publications Committee chairman. Submissions are preferred by email attachment (a PDF or Microsoft Word file) or by the issue's URL, if located on a web ite. Submissions should be of acceptable quality. See Newsletters and Periodicals Handbook for ideas on what a good newsletter can be. The submission must be received by Dec. 15. When submitting your single issue for a state entry, please indicate which contest you are entering: Flathers, Niebell or Smallwood. Sending all newsletter issues to the committee chair does NOT enter the publication into any contest. If you cannot submit by Dec. 15, contact the committee chairman for an extension. The extension will not be longer than two weeks. Late submissions without an approved extension will not be judged. To repeat some language from the Newsletters and Periodicals Handbook: "There is a distinct obligation on the part of a local chapter's leadership to inform the membership as a whole of a chapter's activities, goals, and achievements. We all know that many of our supportive members find it difficult or impossible, for any number of reasons, to attend chapter meetings. Without written communication received on a regular basis, these men would receive nothing, and may feel no obligation to continue membership in the organization and be one of those individuals who drops membership when the dues notices are sent. No news is not good news. No news is just that: nothing." To re-cap: n Submit a SINGLE issue to the committee chairman. Preferred method is an email PDF attachment. n Submit by Dec. 15, 2018. n For state society submissions, indicate which contest you are entering. — Steve Williams, Chairman Newsletter Competitions

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