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SPRING 2018 5 Correction In looking at the Fall and Winter issues of The SAR Magazine (pages 31 and 34, respectively), I noticed an error in the State Society & Chapter Events section. I believe this should be corrected in future editions. The error is that the event listing headline reads "Halifax Reserves Chapter," not the correct listing of "Halifax Resolves Chapter." The article correctly refers to the the "The Halifax Resolves Chapter." Maybe this doesn't make any difference to you, but for some of us from Halifax County, it makes a big difference. We are concerned about correct history, and it was the the Halifax Resolves, not the Halifax Reserves, that was signed on April 12, 1776. I hope that you all can see fit to make this correction in your fine magazine. Thank you for your consideration. J. Rives Manning Jr. Member of the Halifax Resolves Chapter of the SAR Warren M. Alter Candidate for PRESIDENT GENERAL 2018-2019 ENDORSED BY NATIONAL NOMINATING COMMITTEE By now, you know my experience, education, and personal history. A twenty-year SAR member, who has extensive leadership experience in levels of the organization. Formal training and two Masters' Degrees to enhance that experience. My wife, Nancy – 3 rd VP National Ladies Auxiliary, who supports, encourages and accompanies me to SAR events. I am a proven leader with a collaborative philosophy, willing to listen to members and share ideas with others to strengthen communication. A man of integrity, able to make informed decisions, give clear direction, and work efficiently with a wide range of constituents and diverse groups. As we rapidly approach the 250 th Anniversary of our country and continue to work together to grow our membership, let's encourage a welcoming community for everyone as we celebrate our history. I strongly support all four parts of the Educational Mission that our Education Committee has identified and discussed at Spring Leadership: Local Education Programs National Education Programs Center for Advancing America's Heritage Solid Light Project in Louisville We will continue to develop, create, and promote through Solid Light more than just a "bricks and mortar" museum, but instead a state of the art educational outreach center that will complement and enhance our Educational Mission. By doing so, we will join other institutions such as Museum of the American Revolution, the American Revolution Museum, the American Village and others who are promoting our patriots' history. Additionally, I will strive to continue to work with and enhance our mutual support of DAR and C.A.R. to inspire our common goals and love of this country. The SAR is many things to many different people. Let us challenge ourselves to make this an organization we are proud to belong and support. Honoring our past, working with the present, and building our future! We discovered many interesting things. Foremost, it was shown that we had not fully explored the reasons for establishing it and do not keep easily accessible records of how it was formed or changed, or why it exists at all. We are working to gather all documents to establish whether it can approve at least one of SARF's reasons for being: to protect the assets of the SAR. The society does not appear to need a separate organization just to raise funds. As you know from my last SAR Magazine message, I felt we had misplaced our focus on our headquarters facility. If you have gleaned anything from my message here, it is that we have the tendency to jump into things without first dedicating many months of evaluation, input and further discussion. It may be perceived by some to be wrong to question what we are doing. We must feel free to ask questions and from being pushed into action too quickly. Remembering why we do what we do will move us toward growth and clarity of purpose. You will see information elsewhere in this magazine about education that ties to SAR purposes. We measure the accomplishment of our purposes through growth. We are succeeding. We ended the calendar year with almost 37,000 members, and Texas had more than 3,100! We will wait until Congress to get the year-to- year finals, but we are making great progress on our long-term goal of 64,000 members by 2026. We need to change our focus in retention and recruiting as well focusing on why you and I joined the SAR. We vowed to honor our obligation to our forefathers when we joined. That is why we will continue to be members, and why anyone else would want to join us: Keeping Fundamental Principles of Our Country's Founding Alive. With many thanks for your support, and hoping the future will see a continued desire to complete what we have started, I am Larry T. Guzy, President General (2017-2018). Continued from page 3

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