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SPRING 2016 XX his role in admitting Tennessee to statehood, and Washington artifacts housed at the archives. Tennessee Senate Majority Leader and Chapter President Mark Norris presided. National Trustee and former Tennessee President David Eagan also attended and provided an update on NSSAR business. TEXAS SOCIETY Bernardo de Galvez Chapter Bernardo de Galvez Chapter President John Hamlin and Registrar Pete Lenes awarded a Good Citizenship Medal to Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset, above. VIRGINIA SOCIETY On Feb. 10, Virginia SAR President Michael J. Elston presented the Silver Good Citizenship Medal to the Honorable Rob Wittman, member of Congress for Virginia's 1st District, during the Virginia Society's annual meeting in Richmond. The presentation occurred during the public service awards ceremony in the Old Hall of the House of Delegates at the Virginia State Capitol. Congressman Wittman gave brief remarks regarding his work on the Armed Services Committee and his efforts on the conservation of the Chesapeake Bay and then answered questions from those attending. Williamsburg Chapter For the second year in a row, the Williamsburg Chapter SAR received first place for its scrapbook. The chapter was given this award during the VASSAR annual meeting in Richmond, Virginia. There were nine other chapters throughout the state that submitted scrapbooks: Richmond, George Washington, Col. William Grayson, Culpepper Minutemen, Norfolk, Thomas Jefferson, Fincastle Resolutions and Col. Fielding Lewis. The book was compiled by Historian Stephen McGuffin and will be given to the College of William & Mary's Swem Library for archiving PPP The Williamsburg Chapter continues to contribute to Colonial Williamsburg's Teachers Institute to empower teachers to cover Colonial and American history in U.S. elementary and secondary schools. The SAR must do its part to prevent the further degradation of the knowledge and understanding of our youth in the history, foundation and heritage of our great nation. The 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) U.S. history assessment showed that an abysmal 18 percent of American high school students were proficient in U.S. history. For 28 years, Colonial Williamsburg's Teacher Institute has empowered teachers nationwide to better instruct students on the founding of our nation and Revolutionary War history. In support of CW's initiative, the Williamsburg Chapter SAR recently approved sponsoring a scholarship for a local teacher to attend the institute. During the chapter's March 10 meeting, Chapter President Bill Greaf presented a check to Tab Browles, the endowed director of the Institute of Colonial Williamsburg, for that scholarship. In 2017, the institute grew by 432 participating teachers from 44 states and the District of Columbia. It now has 9,356 teachers. WASHINGTON SOCIETY Mid-Columbia Chapter On Jan. 9, Compatriots Kelly Schultz, Barry Moravek and Larry Flint went to a home-school group of about 24 students in Kennewick, Washington and spoke briefly about our ancestors in the War for Independence and our uniforms. Since the class was in a church instead of a school, Flint was able to bring his musket, tomahawk and bayonet. Schultz gave a talk titled "A Day in the Life of Colonial America." The students were quite enthusiastic. Kelly and Karen Schultz, Moravek and Flint attended a Pasco Boy Scout meeting on Jan. 23. Kelly put on a living history program. At the Feb. 17 meeting at the West Richland Moose Lodge, President Moravek asked last year's president, Stan Wills, to present awards. There were three members who have provided outstanding service to the Mid-Columbia Chapter. Brian Smith did an outstanding job as genealogist-registrar. Ken Powe took on the job of sergeant of arms and has been the keeper of chapter supplies in addition to providing flags and items for our raffles and fabricating flag stands. Powe also been been active in the Color Guard. Conn Clark has turned out to many Color Guard events and serves as our chaplain. Each of these compatriots was given Roger Sherman Medals and Certificates. Stan Wills has received numerous awards over his many years of dedicated service to the SAR and as our first and long-term president. Moravek presented Wills with a Meritorious Certificate. Since Stan has received the Meritorious Service Medal from the State, a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for his existing Meritorious Service Medal was presented by the Mid-Columbia Chapter. SPRING 2018 37 From left, President Mark Norris, Sen. Todd Gardenhire, Rep. Kevin Brooks, Scott McAnally, Trustee David Eagan, Myers Brown, Ronnie Townes and Bruce Jackson.

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