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raise the $4 million required to purchase 14.85 endangered acres of Maxwell's Field on the Princeton Battlefield, the very ground where George Washington rode to within 90 feet of the British lines, rallied the retreating troops, routed the British regulars, won the Battle of Princeton and saved our American Revolution. This marks the first year of the New Jersey SAR's direct support for the Princeton Real Time Tour and their efforts to add the Battle of Princeton to the SAR's approved list of Historic Sites and Celebrations. This upcoming year, at the end of the tour, the New Jersey SAR Color Guard will lead a procession from the Clark House to lay a wreath at the site of the Mercer Oak, where Gen. Hugh Mercer of Virginia was mortally wounded. Bring your long underwear and join us for the magnificent 2018 celebration of the Battle of Princeton! Col. John Rosenkrans Chapter As a donor to the Historic Revolutionary War Flag Restoration Project, the Col. John Rosenkrans Chapter participated in the Oct. 21, 2017 dedication ceremony for a flag of local historic significance. The Sussex County Historical Society is celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the Hill Memorial Building, home of the Historical Society. Princeton/Cranbury Chapter The Princeton/Cranbury Chapter hosted a lunch with His Excellency General Washington (portrayed by compatriot Sam Davis) on Feb. 18 to celebrate his birthday with members of the chapter at the Cranbury Inn. The inn was frequented by the general's aides-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette, in June 1778 as they pursued the British retreat from Philadelphia, resulting in the Battle of Monmouth. West Fields Chapter The West Fields Chapter sponsored a historical program presented by guest speaker Dr. Phillip Papas, senior professor of history at Union County College. He is the author of Renegade Revolutionary: The Life of General Charles Lee. As an expert on Lee, Papas provided insight into Lee's character and how his mental illness, which manifested toward the end of his military career, enshrouded his critical contributions to the success of the American Revolution. Lee possessed a passion for democracy, freedom of conscience, individual liberties, human rights and the formal education of women. He championed critical political and military ideas, which, along with his style of leadership, led to significant victories for the Continental Army early in the war. Lee was known to be disheveled in appearance and to prefer the company of dogs to that of humans. He was often surrounded by his pack of dogs, his favorite being a Pomeranian, which was a gift to Lee while he served in Poland in 1765 as aide-de-camp to King Stanislow. NEW MEXICO SOCIETY On Feb. 23, the New Mexico SAR members were pleased to present the SAR Eagle Trophy and a $250 check to New Mexico's 2017 Outstanding Eagle Scout, Ethan Larson of Farmington. The award was presented at the annual Eagle Scout Recognitions Luncheon of the Great Southwest Council, BSA. Presenting the award was Kris D. Jones, Eagle Scout Recognitions Coordinator for New Mexico and an Eagle Scout himself. Larson has earned 66 merit badges on his trail to Eagle; has maintained a 4.3 GPA; and has been active in sports, church and community. His family is in the process of finding a Patriot ancestor, and we hope to see him and his father at our chapter meetings. Gadsden Chapter The Gadsden Chapter in Las Cruces, New Mexico supported the Eagle Scout project of Gunnar Smith of Troop 53 of El Paso, Texas by helping purchase the four headstones Smith installed for indigent children, as well as a headstone for a deceased military veteran. Smith completed his Eagle Scout project by also cleaning a significant area of the Masonic Cemetery in Las Cruces. He concluded the day with a flag-retirement ceremony for more than 50 U.S. flags. The New Mexico SAR will recognize Smith officially at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. In February, the chapter provided the Las Cruces Public School with 50 copies of the Revolutionary War historical training novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead, with teacher's training guides. The books will be used in the eighth and ninth grades to explain the sacrifices of our Patriot ancestors to the cause of freedom and the independence of our new nation. EMPIRE STATE SOCIETY (NEW YORK) Stony Point Chapter As a member of the Stony Point Chapter for more than 50 years, Compatriot Kenneth Conklin has dedicated much of his time to preserving, especially at the local level, the history of the American Revolutionary War, from placing historical markers at trenches used during the war against the British to cleaning up cemeteries that honor the final resting place of Revolutionary War veterans. He has volunteered for countless SAR events over the years that also help educate future generations about our great history. 32 SAR MAGAZINE Compatriots participating in the Battle of Princeton Real Time Tour were, from left, Gary Beauregard, Monmouth Chapter; Ed Glidden, New Jersey SAR secretary and Monmouth Chapter president; Sam Davis, Princeton Cranbury Chapter; Richard Serfass, South Jersey Chapter President; William Locke, Monmouth Chapter; Brooks Lyles, Kansas Society; New Jersey SAR president Robert Meyer, Monmouth Chapter; and Skip Cox, California Society. Members of the Jeremiah Crane Garthwaite Society, C.A.R. attended Dr. Phillip Papas' presentation on Gen. Charles Lee.

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