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SPRING 2018 31 Maryland Monument in Prospect Park, New York. A single Corinthian column with Washington's words inscribed on its base, this monument commemorating the Maryland 400 was funded and dedicated by the Maryland SAR in 1896 and is maintained by the Maryland Monuments Commission. Adkins also brought the chapter up to date on a Maryland SAR-funded project to develop biographies on all members of Maryland's First Regiment who served at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights. With the Maryland State Archives, biographies of 500 officers and soldiers of the approximately 1,000 men of the regiment have been created and can be found at . MINNESOTA SOCIETY The Minnesota SAR held its annual George Washington Day luncheon Feb. 17 at Jax Café in Minneapolis. The chapter met jointly with the Minnesota Sons of the Revolution. Sixty-two compatriots, ladies and guests attended. Vice President Dennis Croonquist presided, and the Minnesota SAR Color Guard presented the colors. The speaker, Col. Ronald McRoberts, presented an interesting, illustrated address on the southern campaigns during the Revolutionary War (1778-1781), culminating in the great Franco-American victory at Yorktown. McRoberts started his presentation by citing On War, a book by Prussian Gen. Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831) written mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between 1816 and 1830. The British did not win the hearts and minds of the American populus when Lt. Banastre Tarleton offered "No Quarter" to American forces trying to surrender at Waxhaws Creek, South Carolina. After Ferguson's defeat at Kings Mountain, many Tories had grown timid and faint of heart, which meant that the British Army could not afford another loss. To use Carl von Clausewitz's term, "Center of Gravity"—even though Gen. Nathanael Greene's army was weaker than that of Lord Cornwallis, his enterprising spirit made him more important. The center of gravity lay with him, and he pulled the other forces in his direction. For the most part, the British engaged in military action with no thought of the political impact to the southern loyalists. The Americans were victorious in only two battles yet won the war without defeating the British Army. MONTANA SOCIETY President General Larry T. Guzy visited the Montana Society, below, in Missoula on March 8. Members representing each chapter throughout the state convened to greet and have dinner with the President General. While visiting, PG Guzy presented the new Guardian Chapter with its charter and inducted new Compatriot Robert Green. Liberty Tree Chapter The Liberty Tree Chapter held its first Washington Birthday Dinner Feb. 22. The event was open to all compatriots and their guests. Edwin P. Whipple, a University of Montana professor, gave a lecture on the "Genius of Washington" during the years of the Revolution and his presidency. On Jan. 28, the chapter presented World War II Victory Commemorative Medals and Certificates to 102-year-old Ty Robinson, who was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and served on Adm. Chester Nimitz's staff; and to Jack Stevenson, who served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in the Pacific and European theaters. NEBRASKA SOCIETY State and chapter officers for the 2018-2019 term were elected at the respective chapter meetings and, for state officers, at the Fall State Meeting. Outgoing State President Col. David K. Kentsmith, MD, congratulated newly elected State President William Webb, whose term runs through December 2019. The newly elected state officers are: President William Stephen Webb Jr., First Vice President Shawn Kurt Stoner, Secretary John William Reinert, Treasurer John Chester Braisted, Registrar Thomas R. Masters and Deputy State Registrar Robert Lee Knott. Newly elected chapter officers are: Omaha Chapter President Thomas Lee Upton, Vice President Benjiman Hassel Harvey, Secretary Paul Howard Burright and Treasurer John Thomas Parsons. Lincoln Chapter officers for the 2018-2019 term are President James L. Hoke, Vice President Stanley Dale Wostrel, Secretary John Chester Braisted and Treasurer LaVerne Ellis Stetson. NEVADA SOCIETY Signers Chapter Western District Vice President General Dr. Kent Gregory, above left, presented the Silver Roger Sherman Medal to Chapter Vice President and Registrar Charles Smith, center, and Chapter President Donald Hotchkiss. NEW JERSEY SOCIETY Battle of Princeton Chapter The New Jersey SAR contingent, led by Society President Robert Meyer and Princeton Cranbury Chapter Compatriot and George Washington re-enactor Sam Davis, and supported by uniformed compatriots from Kansas and California, celebrated the preservation of the Princeton Battlefield by joining the Princeton Battlefield Society and the Ten Crucial Days Organization for Trenton's Patriots Week 2017 culminating event, The Battle of Princeton Real Time Tour. Dr. Will Tatum, a local historian and Princeton Battlefield expert, led a crowd of more than 125 through the battle in real time. The tour started at 6:45 a.m., the actual time on Jan. 3, 1777 when the battle began. The group walked at the same pace and in the same places the armies did when they originally fought. Re-enactors portraying the Philadelphia Associators of Gen. John Cadwalader's Continental Brigade and Lt. Col Charles Mawhood's British Regiment, the 17th Foot, brought the battle to life. The 14-degree temperature tour participants experienced was twice as cold as the 28 degrees recorded on the day of the battle, and everyone got a real feel for what it was like on that winter morning so many years ago. Compatriots, chapters, districts and state societies of the NSSAR raised more than $60,000, including matching grants, to help the Campaign 1776 division of the Civil War Trust

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