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Spring 2018

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SPRING 2018 3 I am thankful for the confidence you have placed in me to serve as your President General. For all those individuals and societies who have welcomed us, Karin and I wish to express our sincere gratitude for your hospitality and friendship. Looking back and ahead, there are many things we have started and have yet to finish. Sometimes, I feel like a juggler with many balls in the air. I would like to cover some of these ongoing projects, because many of you get The SAR Magazine as your only source of SAR news. We started the full Genealogical Research System (GRS) Committee last July, and we are still describing, vetting and exploring our needs before any request for proposal (RFP) is issued. I can't express how pleased I am that we are not rushing to complete this important project. Thanks to the full committee's diligence and expertise, this will be a fantastic tool for all members and non- members alike. It will take quite some time to develop and bring online since it requires some of the following to be completed first. We questioned our web presence and assistance. With due diligence, we successfully ended our website management agreement, and the trustees have authorized a completely NEW WEBSITE! Our rush to complete the current site resulted in what we have. The RFP for this should be ready for the trustees to evaluate at Congress. It will be user friendly, built with input from all stakeholders, and beta tested before it is released. Be patient with what we have since this will take time to perfect. A new Membership Module authorized by the trustees also is in the RFP stage. This will allow better access to your records. The trustees previously placed digitization of our membership applications and documentation as the next priority. This will tie into GRS and offer protection of these records. The work for this is just starting, but the GRS will not be able to go live until this is available, so it is taking precedence. The trustees also authorized build-out of part of the second floor of our headquarters for needed office space. It is possible that this will be completed before Congress. After 11 years, new auditors were authorized and have completed their first audit. Some interesting observations have been made, and we are pleased to have fresh eyes on our finances. Speaking of audits, the trustees in the fall authorized and had an IT audit performed. The result was not surprising. We had failed to monitor our IT projects from one incomplete project to another. As a result, we are developing an IT Steering Committee to guide us so that we finish one IT project that is the basis for others before we move on to the next. Trustee training is an urgent aspect of our society. Our trustees represent you, our members. We have overlooked their importance because, like the general officers, they typically change annually, thus losing clarity, discipline and consistency. The training sessions offered in the Fall and Spring Leadership Meetings received resounding praise and will be continued at Congress and hopefully long after. All prospective and current trustees need to understand that their position is not a rubberstamp for ideas. They have a duty to question, and we, as officers, have a duty to respect their position and provide them with timely information so they can make informed decisions. The Donations Compliance Committee is a new concept for us. Our donors have long been asked to donate, and you have been generous over the years. We have not been as faithful as we should have been in protecting not only your confidentiality but also your intent. We have "rooms" that have two or three names associated because there was no organized system to coordinate and protect. I feel that it is the trustees alone who have the authority to agree to naming rights. We have a fundraising director who knows and understands this importance. We are working toward best-practice compliance. I questioned the reasons for the existence of the SAR Foundation (SARF), resulting in the consternation of many. Moving Toward a Clarity of Purpose Continued on page 5 Bo B Gardner/MGM Photo G ra P hy With the Spring Leadership Meeting falling so close to St. Patrick's Day, the Friday evening banquet was dedicated to the holiday.

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