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12 SAR MAGAZINE America and our many student recognition programs, to name a few. At the national level, SAR staff, headed by Colleen Wilson, are working to enhance our website offerings to include informational content on a variety of subjects. The Center is envisioned as a beta site for developing curriculum, lesson plans, videos, interactive education, etc. that could be used by chapters across the country or directly accessed by teachers and students. A great deal of work is ongoing as we continue to strengthen our website. Additionally, staff at the national level put on a variety of programs each year for community groups and students, reaching more than 10,000 citizens each year. Marching Forward The next step is the expansion of our Louisville headquarters to include the SAR Center for Advancing America's Heritage museum galleries. This well-planned "museum of ideas" will include an immersive visitor experience to tell bold, emotional stories about the Revolutionary War and show how it continues to influence freedom and independence worldwide. Through unique artifact displays, large-scale multimedia productions and a dynamic interactive learning center, the SAR Museum will bring history alive today. Visitors will be led on an unforgettable journey that spans the entire American Revolution—introducing them to the pivotal people and events of those heady days and inspiring them to make their own personal connections with history. Sons of Liberty Statue Standing Guard When visitors approach the SAR Museum's main entrance, they're greeted by a bronze sculpture by Compatriot James Muir titled "Sons of Liberty," an enduring symbol of American ingenuity and bravery in the face of foreign invaders. This silent sentry, pictured below, marks the beginning of a rich and memorable visitor experience—one that celebrates the American Revolution as a watershed event in the pursuit of liberty and self- government around the world. The Museum Concept The museum concept originated from a retreat involving SAR leadership held April 13-14, 2008 in Raleigh, North Carolina. A Center task force appointed that same year produced a comprehensive report further defining our educational outreach opportunity and plans for a gallery containing interactive exhibits on a variety of subjects. The realization that a professional design team should be engaged led to hiring a nationally renowned consulting and museum design firm—Solid Light, Inc. With Solid Light's help, a planning charrette was conducted May 23, 2013. This allowed further refinement of our project goals and objectives. Since that meeting, the SAR has worked closely with Solid Light to produce an interpretive plan that was approved by the Trustees in 2016. The next step is the actual design of the museum and its content. Upon completion of the design, museum construction can begin. The SAR has invested $604,000 so far into completing the interpretive plan. The estimate for completion of the design phase is approximately $2.3 million, and museum construction is estimated to cost $5 million. The first step of the design phase (donated by Solid Light) was largely completed in 2017. As of the end of 2017, we've raised approximately $12.5 million to make the Center a reality. This money has been spent to purchase the 809 West Main Street site, build out the library and the SAR offices, and prepare a space for the museum on our main floor (street level), all with no long- term debt. In addition, funds from the sale of our previous headquarter facilities in Washington, D.C. (prior to 1979) and the later site on Fourth Street in Louisville have not been touched. These funds ($5 million) make up the Alexander Hamilton and Building and Outreach Education funds. This success has been accomplished without using dues funds from the SAR operating budget. Museum Gallery The following information about the proposed SAR Museum Gallery is taken from promotional materials supplied by Solid Light, Inc. Listed are proposed galleries and content as the planning team continues its work through the design phase. Exhibits and content may be added and/or changes made to what is described herein, as the team, working with SAR members and staff, further evaluate the final product and our budget constraints. Considerable progress has been made over the past year, as Solid Light is nearing completion of the first of three steps in the museum design. In addition to rich soundscapes, touchscreen media and immersive large-scale media projects, the SAR Museum Visitor's Experience will have the latest in technology. Through augmented reality, the visitor will be surrounded by American Patriots and British soldiers in Boston. Tensions run high, and around every corner, conflict threatens violence. Sophisticated computer graphics will transport visitors to a real-world environment that lets them peer back through time to actual events. Near Field Communication (NFC) wristbands provided for each visitor will create an animated encounter with Revolutionary War characters and events. Visitors can access specific stories and interactives for a customized experience and receive texts pointing them to additional content matching their historical interests. Content will also be provided through the SAR website so that learning experiences can be exported to SAR members and the public back home. The content will be available in formats compatible with iPhones, iPads and whiteboard displays. It will provide a learning experience that extends far beyond the confines of our physical location.

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