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8 SAR MAGAZINE Church for the memorial service and First Lady's Tea. Sunday evening is the finals of the Orations Contest, where some of the brightest young people will show off their oratory skills in hopes of being declared the best. Monday begins the formal days of Congress with the opening ceremony. We will honor all of our Youth Program winners at the annual Youth Awards Luncheon and then go back into session for the afternoon. The Ladies Auxiliary will hold their meeting following the Youth Awards Luncheon. Monday evening is the induction ceremony for this year's class of Minutemen and then the State and Chapter National Awards Ceremony. Tuesday is the district breakfasts and the second session of Congress, with the nominations of officers. In the afternoon, we have the GWEF and VPGs Luncheon, followed by elections. The ladies will be off to the Bowers Museum for the Ladies Luncheon. Tuesday evening is the PG Banquet, where the PG has invited an interesting guest to speak this year. We will also have a change of command for the National Color Guard this year. You will not want to miss it. Wednesday dawns early with the Donor Recognition Breakfast and then the final session of Congress. This is followed by the opportunity to go to San Juan Capistrano to visit the mission there, enjoy a leisurely lunch and wander the quaint town. The mission was the seventh of 21 that Junipero Serra founded in California. It was founded in 1776 and has served the community for more than 240 years. One unique fact about this town is that it is where the swallows return every year from Argentina. This flight covers more than 6,000 miles, one way. Come learn more about this and other amazing things about the mission and its environs. Wednesday evening is the Installation Banquet. The incoming officers are sworn in, and we hold the George Washington Ring Ceremony during this banquet. Normally, this is the last event of the Congress. Wait, one more gold nugget courtesy of the California Society: There will be an extra tour for those interested in visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Thursday following Congress. The distance precluded it from being one of the normal tours, but the California Society wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to visit both Presidential Libraries during your stay. So, maybe you stay an extra day and see this beautiful library and its exhibits. Well, time to close and get my wagon ready to travel across the great plains and climb over the Rockies to the Golden State for a great time visiting and making memories with other members and their guests in California. Oh, if you want to fly, please fly into John Wayne International Airport and catch the shuttle to the hotel. If you get the cheap flights to Los Angeles, that is great, but it is more than two hours to get to Costa Mesa on some of the most- traveled roads in America. It is much more relaxing arriving at John Wayne. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there. Travel tips from the Surgeon General Congress is approaching, and many of our compatriots and companions will be traveling long distances to reach California. Travel will be by car, plane or some by train. Here are several tips to decrease the chance of a medical issue. Water flows downhill; sitting for extended periods may result in edema in the ankles and lower legs. This also may result in blood pooling in the lower legs. Deep vein thrombosis is a danger, with possible pulmonary emboli. Standing after prolonged sitting may result in low blood pressure when first standing, followed by fainting or a fall. Flexing leg muscles and walking every one to two hours will help decrease the danger of thrombosis and low blood pressure. Hydration is also important. The fluid for hydration is water, not carbonated drinks and alcohol. You will be in new areas and exposed to new viruses. The most common way a virus is contracted is from the hands to the face, especially the eyes. Wash your hands frequently, and carry a disinfectant. You may be changing time zones by as much as three hours. Plan on resting when you reach California and getting a good eight hours of sleep that night. If you plan on visiting the beach and/or prolonged exposure to the sun, bring your sunscreen and use it. Remember to pack all your medications and information on how to contact your family physician in case of an emergency. Carry medications in their original bottles, with your name and your physician's name on the bottle. Bring more medication than you think you need. If your luggage will be checked, pack your medications and essential medical items in a carry-on bag. Many of us overindulge in food and drink on trips. The trip will be more enjoyable if we can resist this urge. Members of the Medical Advisory Committee will be at the Congress and can be contacted for advice. The welcome bag will have information about local hospitals, urgent care facilities and pharmacies. — Surgeon General Darryl Addington 129th Annual Congress continued from preceding page Nominating Committee Report The following is the report of the Nominating Committee at the Spring 2019 Leadership Conference/ Trustee Meeting: Per ByLaw No. 18, Section 3 (c), the committee endorsed the following candidates for the General Offices: President General – John T. "Jack" Manning, New Hampshire Secretary General – Davis L. Wright, Delaware Treasurer General – C. Bruce Pickett, Alabama Chancellor General – Peter M. Davenport, Virginia Genealogist General – Jim L. W. Faulkinbury, California Registrar General – Douglas T. Collins, Kentucky Historian General – William O. Stone, Alabama Librarian General – Tony L. Vets, Louisiana Surgeon General – Darryl S. Addington, Tennessee Chaplain General – David J. Felts, Pennsylvania

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