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6 SAR MAGAZINE I am a member with the Phoenix Chapter in Arizona. I am inquiring about the cover page for the last issue of The SAR Magazine showing Native Americans on the cover. The page also states "SAR Charters First Predominantly Native American Chapter." I am a Native American, with my Patriot ancestor being Bartholomew Calvin. I searched the magazine for an article on the Native American Chapter and found nothing. Please send me contact information for this chapter, for I may want to join it. Barry W. Welch, Scottsdale, Ariz. Editor's Note: The brief story on the Nansemond Indian Patriots Chapter appeared on page 38 of the Winter 2018-19 issue. We are working on a follow-up story with much greater detail. The Nansemond Indian Patriots Chapter is part of the Virginia Society. PPP In the normal course of events these days, I am typically not a letter writer. I do not respond to "politically correct" causes or positions, preferring instead to expend my energies on more satisfying endeavors. However, I noticed in the 2018-19 winter edition of The SAR Magazine, on page 11, membership solicitation advertisements for four other lineage organizations. They perhaps were present in earlier editions, but if so, I had not noticed them. Three of the four in this issue, I have no problem with. The fourth, however, I do, that being the notice soliciting membership in the Military Order of the Stars and Bars. I realize that this most likely is a paid advertisement, and revenues to the society are important, but it sticks in my craw to allow this type of solicitation in a magazine dedicated to those who fought to establish our nation upon this continent. I do not object to the existence of this organization in our land, but the individuals being sought as members are descendants of those who took up arms against our nation. Let the MOSB organization advertise anywhere they want, but I believe our Society should have higher standards on who we support or promote in our periodical. By giving tacit approval to the cause of these Stars and Bars military personnel, we are opening the door to other, even more radical organizations of ill repute, such as Sons of the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations or Heroes of the Third Reich. As we see our very democracy under attack from within, it is imperative that we provide no additional fertile ground to allow or encourage those who would tear down what our ancestors fought and died to establish. Sincerely, Edward C. Hamlin, SAR #206749 PPP I am a member of the SAR chapter in Westminster Md. I am writing to express my disappointment with one of the advertisements in the latest publication of The SAR Magazine (Winter 2018-19 issue)—specifically the advertisement for the Military Order of the Stars and Bars (page 11). In my opinion, SAR is an organization about those with relatives who fought for the formation of this nation and an organization such as the previous mentioned is one that honors those who fought to break apart this nation. I would strongly encourage SAR to scrutinize those organizations that advertise in the SAR publication. The inclusion of such an advertisement may inadvertently suggest that SAR is a supporter of such an organization, and I am certain there are those in SAR membership who would not want to be associated with that organization in any way, shape or form. Thank you for taking the time to read my concern, and I hope that this leads to changes in the future. Kind regards, James Engler Jr. PPP Just received my husband's and son's magazines today (Winter 2018-19 issue). Of course, I always read it. I wanted to tell you before it slips my mind how very much I enjoy the magazine since you have started editing. Beautiful is the best word to describe it. Great job! Keep it up! Christine Coleman, via email The SAR Magazine welcomes submissions from Compatriots, who often ask, "How do I get my story in The SAR Magazine?" Here are some tips: 1. Keep your piece as short as you can while still telling the story. Send stories in Microsoft Word format to 2. Send digital photographs as attachments and not embedded into the Word document. They also should be sent to 3. Make sure your images are high resolution, at least 300 DPI, and that no time or date stamps appear on the images. 4. Limit the number of photographs to those you'd most like to see. Please don't send a dozen and then question why the photo you liked least was the one selected. 5. Meet the deadlines published on the first page of "State & Chapter News" in each issue. How to Submit Items to The SAR Magazine Letters to the e ditor

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