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Spring 2019

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SPRING 2019 5 Alabama and vice chairman of the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission. All Revolutionary War groups are in a unique position to take advantage of America's celebration of 250 years. Whether it be SAR, DAR, C.A.R. or some other group, we all need to support each other and work to educate America on the contributions our Patriots made in establishing this country. We are working closely with the DAR and C.A.R., and together we can do great things. As has been discussed many times, we need to focus on increasing our membership and, most importantly, on keeping the members we have. Our members—chapter, state, district and national—need to work together and get our message out to the public and remind all of the sacrifices our Patriots made to establish this country. With all the publicity surrounding the 250th anniversary, we should have many more opportunities to get new members. The SAR and SAR Foundation are in a position in which we can take advantage of this focus and celebration. Please know that we are looking for outside donors and grants to get further funding for our SAR Education Center and Museum—but don't underestimate the impact that you, the individual member, can have on making this dream a reality. For those who have already donated to the SAR through the SAR Foundation, thank you. My message is directed more at those members who have never done so. In my visits around the country, I am encouraging members to go to the SAR Foundation website, , click on the "Donate" tab and make a recurring donation of $10 a month for one year or more. The default fund is the SAR Education Center and Museum, but you may select any of our special operating funds to receive your donation on this site. Give what you are comfortable with and can afford, but please give something. What I am encouraging is for every member to donate something, whether it be a one-time donation or a recurring donation. If even half of our members gave $10 a month for one year, it would amount to $120 each, and we could raise more than $2 million in one year. Why am I focusing on our members? The SAR is working to attract outside donors and companies to support our organization. One question that is asked by external donors is, "What percentage of your members donate to the SAR?" Currently, our portion of donating members is meager, but each member who donates can make that percentage increase. Remember, dues are not donations and are not used to support the SAR Education Center and Museum or any of our other SAR special operating funds. Won't you please help the SAR Foundation and SAR? I hope many of you will come to Congress and hear more about what we can accomplish leading up to our America's Semiquincentennial (250th) Celebration. I look forward to seeing many more of you at our remaining PG visits and at the California Congress in July. Join us; it will be FUN! Nancy and I just finished our attendance at the N.S.C.A.R. National Convention in Arlington. Talk about a fun time! Those young leaders know how to celebrate while accomplishing great things. Let's learn something from them. I, for one, am invigorated and hope to show the C.A.R. that SAR can have fun, too. Join us. I will sign off with my thanks to all our members throughout the country who have been so supportive and welcoming to both Nancy and me. Your support and assistance have been outstanding. The SAR is the most exceptional men's lineage organization in the world, and I am honored to have been able to represent you as your President General. But like many former Presidents General, at the end of my term, you will continue to see me at Leadership Meetings, Congresses, and many, many state and district meetings. I will be continuing my service with the SAR Foundation, too. Assuming elections go as expected at Congress, I will be out there supporting our new President General, Jack Manning, and his First Lady, Sheila, together with his fantastic team of new general officers. Help them and support them as you have me. With our membership supporting our future Presidents General and general officers, we in the SAR can accomplish anything! God bless the SAR! Fraternally, Warren M. Alter President General Continued from page 3 arren M. Alter Candidate for SAR Foundation (2019-2022) National Society Service President General 2018-2019 Secretary General 2017-2018 Treasurer General 2016-2017 Inspector General 2012-2016 VPG Rocky Mt District 2013 GWEF Board 8 years National Trustee AZ 3 Years National Alt. Trustee 3 Years Financial Supporter: SAR Life Member GW Fellow 1776 Gold Quill Founder Circle All Youth Programs Friends of Library SARACAR Kings College Endorsed by the National Nominating Committee My service and dedication to the SAR and the SAR Foundation is a matter of record. For three years, I have been an Ex Officio member of the SAR Foundation; first as TG, then SG, and now as President General and Chairman of the Foundation. I have always been and will continue to be a strong advocate and supporter of the SAR and SAR Foundation, both financially and in working with its members and staff. I look forward to continuing my service to our organization as an elected member on the Board of the SAR Foundation. I am seeking the support and vote of all Delegates attending the NSSAR Congress in California, July 2019.

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