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PPP Beaufort's Gov. Paul Hamilton Chapter held its annual dinner meeting on Dec. 7, 2018, at Dataw Island Club on Saint Helena Island. The guest speaker, Alan Stello, entertained the attendees with a presentation on "The Charleston Battalion of Artillery and the Battle of Port Royal Island, S.C." Chapter President Frank Gibson welcomed everyone and presented 5-year service awards to Dana Angier Cheney and Thomas Evans Wilson. Joseph Barry Henson Jr. was recognized for 10 years of service. The installation of officers was presided over by SCSSAR Low Country Vice President Wayne Cousar. Gibson gave the oath to new member Robert Ellis de Treville. TENNESSEE SOCIETY The formal investiture of Tennessee Society SAR Vice President Mark Norris as United States District Judge for the Western District of Tennessee took place in Memphis on Jan. 11. The colors were presented by 17 members of the Tennessee SAR Color Guard and one member from Mississippi. Compatriot and U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander was the keynote speaker, commemorating Judge Norris' confirmation. Norris received his Presidential Commission on Nov. 8, 2018. PPP Not everyone knows the story of the "Kings Mountain Messenger," but he became quite the folk hero in his day. After the Battle of Kings Mountain, John Sevier dispatched a messenger to take news of the victory to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The messenger was a young man, Joseph Greer, who was nearly seven feet tall. He traveled through British-held territory, avoiding both Tories and Indians, to convey the message of victory to the Congress. Upon his arrival, he pushed the guard at the door aside and entered the chamber, announcing the victory at Kings Mountain. Many were heard to say, "No wonder the Americans can win if this is a sample of their soldiers." Last year, when the Gill family of Lincoln County, Tenn., realized that the dilapidated, old log house on their property could be of historical value, they contacted Vice President General Colin Wakefield, Southern District, to see what could be done to preserve the cabin. VPG Wakefield, a member of the Joseph Greer Chapter, TNSSAR, along with compatriot Bill Wendt, both experienced in the restoration of log structures, formulated a plan to dismantle the cabin, numbering the logs and removing them to a sheltered location to assess their condition. Their plans are to reconstruct the cabin at the Camp Blount Historic Site in Fayetteville, Tenn. With help from the Tennessee SAR, the George Washington Endowment Fund and private donations, the project is moving forward, led by members of the Joseph Greer Chapter. The logs are now dry, and plans are to find suitable replacements for unusable logs before restoration. John Sevier Chapter John C. Echerd, past president of the Tennessee SAR, has a claim few can match. "My father, Charles Edgar Echerd, was born May 25, 1882. In early 1960, he completed his SAR application, but before he could submit it, he died of heart failure, Feb. 29, 1960. In 2000, we discovered, in his old desk, the paperwork he had put together. I made an application for memorial membership in his name, and it was issued on Dec. 10, 2001," Echerd wrote. On Nov. 22, 2016, Echard's great-grandson, Jett Fowler, became a junior member of SAR. He was followed on July 19, 2017, by great-grandson Greyson I. Fowler. "Through my daughter, Amy, and her sons, Ian and Elisha, we claim five generations of SAR membership," said Echerd, who lives in Ooltewah, Tenn. TEXAS SOCIETY The George Washington Parade in Laredo, Texas, which is the nation's largest, was spectacular, as usual. The turnout was reduced because the hotel the Texas SAR has used for years changed hands, and the new owners dropped a number of its bookings. This affair is so well attended that there is no room in any inn for miles around. Regardless, the SAR led the procession onto the International Bridge at 8 a.m. As the SAR marched from the La Pasada Hotel to the center of the bridge, an equally large group proceeded from the Mexican side. Groups in costume, from young to old, took turns exchanging flags and an embrace at the center of the bridge. After some speeches and prayers, the group SPRING 2019 33 Tennessee Color Guard Compatriots Larry Poole, left, and George Miller pose with Compatriot Judge Mark Norris' grandson, Field. From left, Greyson Fowler, Elisha Fowler, Amy Fowler, John Echerd, Ian Fowler and Jett Fowler Among the Texas Society Color Guard participating in the parade were, from left, Mike Bailey, Mike Bierman, David Kinsey, Tom Green, Stu Hoyt, State President Tom Jackson, Thomas Jones, Gary Lovell and his wife, Mindy, and John Thompson.

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