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SPRING 2019 27 site of Georgia's second capital to celebrate the Jefferson County Historical Association's Annual Heritage Day. Held in Old Market in downtown Louisville, the event took place on a grassy site at the north end of the square. This was perfect for Compatriot Steve Burke's five tables of artifacts collected over the last 40 years. Also, there was enough room to set up the Brier Creek Artillery, one 3-pounder cannon, one 6-pounder Naval cannon and one 12-pounder Napoleon Cannon. The unit had nine members in militia uniforms, with seven firing their Pennsylvania/Kentucky 50-caliber Flintlocks. The group fired its flintlocks during the 3 1/2 hours about seven times, and each cannon fired at least seven times. Those attending were Fall Line Chapter members, President Sandy Mercer and Sargent at Arms Ken Lindsey; Wiregrass Chapter members Felix Moring and Joel Moring; Kettle Creek Chapter DAR member Linda Woodard; Capt. Jason Quick and Walter Quick from Waynesboro, Ga.; Wiregrass Chapter Militia Members President Wilder Smith Jr., Chaplain Emory Fennell, Registrar Dess Smith III, Vice President Steve Burke; Al Smith; and Brier Creek Chapter members Sargent at Arms Don Bazemore and Woody Woodard. The Georgia SAR wants to organize a chapter in Louisville in early 2020. Those interested in becoming charter members can contact Dess D. Smith III, registrar of the Wiregrass Chapter in Swainsboro, at (478) 299-1039 (leave a message) or email him at Athens Chapter The Athens Chapter held its annual George Washington Birthday Celebration on President's Day, Feb. 18. Among the awardees was Eagle Scout Cutler Shiver of Oconee County. Cutler was recognized as the chapter's King Eagle Scout Contest winner. Cutler is a junior at Oconee County High School. He is one of 271 Eagle Scouts since 1922 to earn all 137 Merit Badges. Piedmont Chapter The SAR Piedmont Chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary and George Washington's Birthday on Feb. 21, with 72 people attending. The night was special, with honored guests from all six SAR chapters that the Piedmont Chapter helped charter. The speaker was President General (2017-18) Larry T. Guzy, a past chapter president who gave a great speech on Piedmont's early history, along with Piedmont charter members Eric Thorstenberg and Phillip Meyer. The chapter was presented with a Proclamation from the State of Georgia for its 25th anniversary by Roger Wise Jr., a North Fulton Ambassador. Georgia State President Scott Collins presented the chapter with eight awards, including the Distinguished Chapter Award for 2018. The following is a portion of PG Guzy's speech: "It is hard to overestimate what difference one chapter can make … When this chapter was founded in March 1994, Georgia growth was slow, even though it supplied two Presidents General in the prior five years. Note these numbers: In March 1994, when the Piedmont Chapter was founded, Georgia had 722 active members—72 years since the Georgia SAR was founded, there were only 722 active members! Twenty-five years later, there are 1,989 active members, 1,267 more than at the start of the Piedmont Chapter! NEW MEMBERS and RETENTION are key, but what causes men to join and remain? A desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! "… The Piedmont did indeed lead. In the first years, it supplied state-level officers like Frank Darwin as secretary and Ed Sterrett as president in 1999 followed by four more state presidents through 2011 … one- third of the chapters of Georgia were formed through the influence of Piedmont members? Yes, 12 chapters, seven of which were formed from 1999 to 2002— just three years! "In 1998, we participated in the rededication of Kettle Creek, the first since its establishment in 1930. It was there that George Thurmond agreed to chair the Graves Committee. The chapter had spoken of doing dedications, but it never quite got off the ground. Give George a job, and it gets done! Our first was in Alpharetta behind Chadwick's Store. It was a resounding success. This effort revitalized the Society. "Charter member Doug Stansberry started what became the National Poster Contest. The chapter he founded, Marquis de Lafayette, provided the other recent Georgia President General, Mike Tomme. The Traveling Trunk was also an outgrowth of Piedmont presentation activity, having developed ways to engage the interest of school kids. "Many Piedmont members have served the state in many positions besides those mentioned: John Mortison as bagpiper, Bobby Shaw as treasurer, and Bob Sapp again as registrar. State and national chairmanships and committee members from Piedmont are too numerous to mention. "There are other activities individuals from Piedmont started, however, the point is that ACTIVITY has been the cornerstone of this chapter. If you, as chapter members, can continue to develop new ways to engage the public, your next 25 years will be as bright and glorious as has been your first 25." Elijah Clarke and Heroes of the Hornet's Nest Remembrance Day PG (2017-18) Guzy spoke on Piedmont's early history

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