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SPRING 2018 21 the Line and received a large land grant in Middle Tennessee and Wilson County, Tennessee, is named for him. Lord Cornwallis and Tarleton, whose forces were camped at the Wilson place, required Eleanor to have supper for them. Eleanor must have maintained her composure because Cornwallis, even though he found out her family's loyalties, attempted to persuade her to come over to the Crown. Mrs. Ellett quotes Lord Cornwallis: "Madam, your husband and son are my prisoners; the fortune of war may soon place others of your sons, perhaps all your kinsman, in my power. Your sons are young, aspiring and brave. In a good cause, fighting for a generous and powerful king, such as George III, they might have hope for rank, honor and wealth. If you could but induce your husband and sons to leave the rebels, and take up arms for their lawful sovereign, I would almost pledge myself that they shall have rank and consideration in the British army. If you, madam, will pledge yourself to induce them to do so, I will immediately order their discharge." Eleanor's response was full of patriotic spirit, according to Mrs. Ellett. She replied that although her husband and children were dear to her, and she felt proud of her sons and would do anything she thought right to advance their interest, but in this instance they had embarked in the holy cause of liberty, had fought and struggled for it for five years, never faltering, while others had fled from the contest. "I have seven sons who are now, or have been, bearing arms, indeed, my seventh son, Zaccheus, who is only 15 years old, I yesterday assisted to get ready to go and join his brothers in Sumter's army. Sooner than see one of my family turn back from the glorious enterprise, I would take these boys (pointing to three or four small sons) and with them would myself enlist under Sumter's standard, and show my husband and sons how to fight, and if necessary, to die for their country." Tarleton interrupted, Ellett writes, "I think, general, you've got into a hornet's nest. When we get to Camden, I'll take care that Robin Wilson never comes back again." The next day, Cornwallis' scouts captured Zaccheus, who was found with his gun, "endeavoring to diminish the number of His Majesty's forces." Cornwallis took Zaccheus along on the march as a guide, to show him the best ford to cross the Catawba River. When the army attempted to cross at the ford Zaccheus showed them, the men found themselves in deep, swift water. Cornwallis became angry at Zaccheus, believing he had deliberately shown the British a dangerous crossing place. Cornwallis drew his sword and threatened to cut off Zaccheus's head. Zaccheus responded that he had the power to do so, as he had no arms and was Cornwallis' prisoner. Zaccheus added, "Don't you think it would be a cowardly act for you to strike an unarmed boy with your sword? If I had but half of your weapon, it would not be so cowardly; but then you know it would not be so safe." Cornwallis was impressed with the boy's courage, told him he was a fine fellow, and later on during the march, let him go, telling him to go home and take care of his mother. Robin and John Wilson later escaped from the British. About 1792, except for Josiah Wilson who stayed in North Carolina for a while before going to Tennessee, where he died about 1850 Eleanor's sons Joseph, John, James, Aaron, Robert Jr., Samuel, Zaccheus, Moses and Thomas removed to the Cumberland Valley in what became Tennessee in 1796. The 11th son, thought to be Jonah, remained in North Carolina. Robert Sr., "Robin," and Eleanor died in Mecklenburg County, Robin by 1794, when his will was probated, and Eleanor, probably about 1810. They are both buried in Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery. On July 7, 2018, the Eleanor Wilson Chapter of DAR of Washington, D.C., celebrated its 100th anniversary by coming to Charlotte and in cooperation with Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence Chapter DAR, the Color Guard of the Mecklenburg Chapter SAR, and the Eleanor Wilson Chapter C.A.R., conducted a grave-marking ceremony with two period-style markers for Eleanor and Robert Wilson Sr. in Steele Creek Cemetery. John O. ornhill Candidate for Registrar General 2019 - 2020 Joined SAR - 28 Feb 1983 – George Rogers Clark Chapter, Indiana Society. Charter Member of the Harry Truman Chapter, Missouri Society. Dual member in FL, IN, MO, MT and NH. Member of the France Society. National Society Service: Historian General – 2017-2019 National Trustee – 2012-2013 Alternate Trustee – 2011-2012 Membership Committee, Vice-Chair 2013-2015 Ladies Auxiliary Liaison, Chairman – 2015 Vice-Chairman – 2013-2015 American History Teachers Committee – 2013 George Washington Distribution Committee – 2013 Retention and Reinstatement Committee – 2010-2014 Color Guard Committee – 2009 Council of State Presidents – 2009-2012 Nominating Committee – 2012 John is a George Washington Fellow, a Contributor to the Center, SAR 1776 Society, Rumbaugh Orations, Dr. Joseph Warren, American Youth Contest Medal, G & S Knight Essay, omas Jefferson Medal and a Friend of the Library. Has attended 13 Congresses and 28 Leadership Meetings. State Service: State President – 2010-2011 Regional Vice-President – 1997-2000 Newsletter Editor – 1997-2008 State Historian – 2007-2008 Wrote update of NCSSAR History – 2006 and 2016 Youth Poster Contest Chair – 2012 Youth Brochure Contest Chairman – 2013 State Color Guard Commander – 2016-2018 State Membership Chairman – 2016 Chapter Service: President – 1994 – 1995 Secretary – 1998 – 2009 Registrar – 2003 – 2004 Treasurer – 2012 National Awards: Military Service Medal, Liberty Medal, District Meritorious Service Medal, NSSAR Grave Marking Medal, Bronze Samuel Adams Congress Medal, Silver Council of State Presidents Medal, Von Steuben Color Guard Medal, Dr. Joseph Warren Medal, Americanism Youth Contest Medal, omas Jefferson Medal, NSSAR Certificate of Distinguished Service State Awards: Medal of Distinguished Service – State and Chapter Patriot Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Roger Sherman Medal – State and Chapter, Good Citizenship Medal – Silver and Bronze Color Guard Medal Military Service: U. S. Marine Corps, Sergeant 1962-1967 Member of the American Legion, Post Adjutant – 2010-Present; Past Commander Education: B.S. in Business Admin. – University of Central Missouri Employment: Swift & Co., Production Superintendent; NC Dept. of Labor, Supervisor

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