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Spring 2019

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Continuing the Focus on Communication H ere it is May already, spring has arrived, and Spring Leadership meetings ended more than a month ago. For those who attended the meetings in Louisville, thank you. I think you will agree we accomplished a great deal and that the committee meetings were productive. If you didn't attend, hopefully your trustee or state president has taken the time to share with your chapter and state what we did at the meeting. In continuation of my focus on communication, I shared a document that included summaries of significant issues discussed or acted upon at Leadership. They included: l SAR Education Center and Museum Project: Summary of the status by Solid Light, given by Ad Hoc Committee Chairman William Stone and a discussion of the progress Solid Light is making on Phase II, Step 2 Design Development. The committee is working closely with Solid Light and monitoring the project carefully. m Fundraising for Phase II, Step 3 continues: As you know, Phase II, Step 2 was approved at the Fall Trustees meeting when we announced we had raised more than the $550,000 required for that portion. We are now on our way to raising funds for Phase II, Step 3, which will need $780,000. The SAR Foundation is working to raise these funds. All members are encouraged to consider a donation to the SAR Education Center and Museum (easy to do through the SAR Foundation's new monthly donation program). l New Member Database program progress through Mission Data (project approved at Fall Leadership Meeting 2018): The IT Subcommittee, chaired by PG J. Michael Tomme (2016-17), reports the company is making tremendous progress. They are transforming our current member databases (three separate systems) into one unified system. Once converted, it will be tested thoroughly with variously sized chapters and states before being brought out for general use. It is still in the development stage. l New Website RFP awarded to Mission Data. A second IT project, with a recommended budget between $78,500-$83,500, was presented for the development of a responsive WordPress website for SAR. Budget information was provided on where the funding would come from and confirmed that funds were available. Trustees approved the project. PG Tomme is also coordinating this project to make sure the two projects proceed without delays. Mission Data is allocating a general manager but separate teams to develop the two projects. l PCI Membership Directory and updated member database info project: The cards and emails sent to members are resulting in many members calling and confirming/updating their information for our database and the Member Directory. The Member Directory, being sold by PCI, is optional, and members who don't want one may say no to the offers. Additionally, although the directories are only for sale to members or their families, if a member does not wish his information to be published, he may notify the company. l Change in Quorum Requirements: Based on issues of committees at Leadership and Congress not having enough committee members present to necessarily represent a quorum, the motion was approved by the trustees. m Insert into Handbook, Volume II, p. 7: Except for the Executive Committee, standing committees and special committees established by the bylaws, a quorum for meetings during Congress or Leadership Meetings shall be a majority of the committee members registered for the Congress or Leadership Meeting; a quorum for these committees meeting between Congress and Leadership Meetings shall be 1/3 (one-third) of the appointed committee members. These summaries seemed well received, and I hope future Presidents General or Secretaries General do something similar after all Leadership meetings and Congress. First Lady Nancy and I continue to be busy traveling to many state and district events. We enjoy meeting and getting to know so many compatriots and their spouses. Each district or state does things a little differently, and it makes each travel a learning experience. So far, we have attended 33 events since beginning our term and are scheduled for 17 more, including Congress. I will be reporting on my year at Congress. Every article I write has a focus and a message that I think is important to get to all members. Although mentioned previously, I want to focus all our members on the fast-approaching 250th anniversary. If you attended Leadership, you heard a meaningful and inspiring message from Tom Walker, founder of the American Village in SPRING 2019 3 Continued on page 5

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