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14 SAR MAGAZINE T he 2019 Annual Conference on the American Revolution June 14-16 By Michael Scroggins M ary Silliman wrote in 1776 that she had "acted as well as my dear husband [Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman, Connecticut militia] the hero." Not all women (nor men) acted heroically in the war, but they did act, not just react, and their agency informs this conference. How did women fight the Revolution—for it, against it, in it? This conference will examine women warriors, followers and activists from many perspectives— American, British, Patriot, Loyalist, free and enslaved— including the words, actions and influence of women in the War for American Independence. "Women Waging War in the American Revolution" will be chaired by Holly A. Mayer, associate professor of history at Duquesne University and the 2019 SAR Distinguished Scholar. The conference will be held at the Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel, 3549 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, and a block of rooms are being held. Sixteen papers will be presented in six sessions. All attendees of the 2019 SAR Annual Conference on the American Revolution may attend all six sessions. At each session, two or three papers will be presented. "Women Waging War in the American Revolution" will be discussed by scholars such as: J. Patrick Mullins, Marquette University; Lauren Duval, American University; Steven Elliott, Rutgers University-Newark; Don N. Hagist, Journal of the American Revolution; Lynn Price, The Washington Papers, University of Virginia; and Martha J. King, Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton University. Attendees who register for the full conference package may also attend a cocktail reception on Friday and a dinner at the Museum of the American Revolution, which will be followed by a tribute to Carol Berkin, City University of New York. There will also be a brunch and roundtable presentations led by Mayer. To reserve a room, please call the hotel directly at 1-888- 236-2427 or (215) 387-8000, and tell them you want to attend "Women Waging War in the American Revolution," the 2019 SAR Annual Conference. Patriot Research System Working Well T he Patriot Research System had its first birthday on Jan. 15 and the application has been stable. The system seems to be well accepted by the users, with more than 1 million pages served since its launch. Here is a brief summary of what has been happening with the PRS. This application replaced the old Patriot Index application and was designed to improve the storage of data and make it more accessible to members and the public. It consists of three main files of searchable data about Patriots: grave information, biographic information and lineage information (application data) from members who have applied using the individual Patriot. In addition, a search is available on a member which will show a linkage to his Patriot(s). Those who do not find the lineage data or a member, remember the volunteers may not have added the data yet. With the cooperation of headquarters staff, a methodology for obtaining digitized records copies in a timely manner has been created so they are available to update and enter information into the application. The data is entered into the application by state-level teams of volunteers in North Carolina, California and Illinois. There are one-man teams in Louisiana, Arkansas, New York, Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania and the International District. Programs are starting in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Virginia. The focus in 2019 is to find the right volunteers to increase the input of the available data. This year, volunteers have added or updated 11,445 Patriots, 9,850 applications and 2,552 Patriot biographies. The committee has gained experience the past year in learning the best approach to organizing a team to input data and review the data input for accuracy before it is moved into the application. Most of the record copies from 1985 to today have been entered, thanks to the efforts of the headquarters staff. Compatriots are encouraged to look at the PRS to see what is available. Compatriots can access the system by going to the SAR National website and selecting "Genealogy" at the top ribbon, then "Patriot Research System" from the drop-down menu. There is a description of the application and a link to gain access. A direct link is . The committee wishes to thank all the volunteers who have made this application a success and a new tool for the society. — James H. Wood, chairman, Patriot Records Committee Mary Silliman

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