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WINTER 2018-19 5 committees and was a regular attendee at Leadership Meetings and Congresses, with his wife, Janet. He is survived by Janet, son Stephen, two grandchildren, a sister and a brother- in-law. He was a significant financial contributor to the SAR. All will greatly miss his leadership, friendship and positive attitude. R.I.P., Compatriot Leishman. Clearly, your life mattered. The membership database development through Mission Data is progressing well. The database project will combine our current three databases into one system. Many are surprised to hear about a triple system, but SAR currently uses three methods for data and user management: ● (1 – Red) At the national office, there are internal Microsoft Access applications, ● (2 – Yellow) a website used by SAR leadership in the field for report generation and limited information updates (old member database), and finally, ● (3 – Blue) a newer website available on the internet and intended for use by the entirety of SAR's membership. The ultimate goal of this project is to eliminate the first and second (Red and Yellow) and merge them into one manageable and integrated single system (Blue). This combined database ultimately will have various user levels but would be one system. It will fix many complaints that members have had over the years. PG (2016-17) Michael Tomme Sr. and his committee will update the Trustees on this continuing project at the Spring Leadership Meeting. Before I confuse people, please do not think that the Membership Database Project is the same as the Membership Directory Project that began in December with PCI; it isn't. The Membership Directory Project will update the SAR's information and produce a new, optional member directory that members may purchase. This project was announced at the Fall Leadership Meeting, but due to communication failures for which I accept responsibility, many in our general membership did not know about it until postcards began arriving directly from PCI, or vendor. We received many emails and calls asking if this was a hoax or a scam. Let me assure you it is not a hoax but a project that has been approved by the SAR. The membership information is published every four- five years as a membership directory that compatriots have the option to buy. The SAR benefits from this in that an outside vendor contacts all members and gets up-to-date contact information for our records at no cost to the SAR. The SAR will earn money from this project, as we are getting a royalty for any directories sold. We also will receive updated information for our database system. Members have the option of not having their information printed in the publication, but we are still asking you to update your information so that it is correct for our records. The updated data includes home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Many claim this is unnecessary, but I assure you the results show that is not true. The last report I have from PCI shows that they have had 12,220 respondents (almost a third of our membership so far), and 2,050 of those have chosen to purchase one of the directory options. What is more important is that PCI has already recorded 774 updated home addresses, 4,073 updated home phone numbers, 6,597 cell phone numbers, 678 updated home email addresses and 5,174 additional email addresses. If you have not yet contacted the company to update or verify your information, please do so. And remember, if you don't want your information published or don't want to buy a directory, tell PCI. Many members will find the publication extremely useful, but not everyone will buy one. Thank you in advance for your continued support of this project. The Spring Leadership Meeting in Louisville, Ky., at the Brown Hotel is right around the corner. Registration for the event just opened on the SAR website, so be sure to register if you plan to attend. We anticipate having some excellent guest speakers both Friday and Saturday evenings, and we have a great deal of committee work and trustee work to accomplish, so I Continued from page 3 arren M. Alter Candidate for SAR Foundation (2019-2022) National Society Service President General 2018-2019 Secretary General 2017-2018 Treasurer General 2016-2017 Inspector General 2012-2016 VPG Rocky Mt District 2013 GWEF Board 8 years National Trustee AZ 3 Years National Alt. Trustee 3 Years Financial Supporter: SAR Life Member GW Fellow 1776 Gold Quill Founder Circle All Youth Programs Friends of Library SARACAR Kings College In preparation for the next Congress being held in California July 2019, I want to remind all compatriots and delegates that I am a Candidate for the SAR Foundation – Former President General Position. My service and dedication to the SAR and the SAR Foundation is a matter of record. For three years, I have been an Ex Officio member of the SAR Foundation; first as TG, then SG, and now as President General and Chairman of the Foundation. I have always been and will continue to be a strong advocate and supporter of the SAR and SAR Foundation, both financially and in working with its members and staff. I look forward to continuing my service to our organization as an elected member on the Board of the SAR Foundation. I am seeking the support and vote of all Delegates attending the NSSAR Congress in California, July 2019. Don't pass up an opportunity to do something good or kind for someone.

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