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American Bicentennial Chapter The October 2018 meeting of the Illinois American Bicentennial Chapter included lunch and two fascinating presentations. Compatriot Robert Wingfield presented on his family's genealogy and history and their time at Jamestown in the early 1600s. The Wingfield family participated in a reunion at Jamestown's church that was attended by many people, including those from the U.S. and Great Britain as well as several dignitaries, including Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Next, Illinois C.A.R. State President Jacob Shadinger gave a presentation on his state project, assisting BraveHearts, an equine therapy organization for veterans and their families. Equine services for veterans include emotional, cognitive, social and physical benefits. Veterans at BraveHearts have reported extraordinary benefits for participants, including increased self-esteem and decreases in depression, anxiety, PTSD attacks and self-inflicting thoughts. Veterans increase their horsemanship through participation in BraveHearts as well as experiencing additional opportunities, including clinics with world- renowned horsemen. Jason described one account of a non- vocal wheelchair-bound veteran who so vastly improved as a result of participation in BraveHearts that he is now out of his wheelchair and is speaking more. Jason is working to build a BraveHearts riding trail. Learn more about BraveHearts and how to donate through their website, . General George Rogers Clark Chapter The General George Rogers Clark Chapter was proud to honor a dozen Madison County, Ill., families for correctly flying the flag of the United States. Nine of those were able to attend the ceremony, which has been held at the county courthouse for 22 consecutive years. Committee Chairman David File specifically honored the veterans in the audience, many of whom were Flag Award recipients. Chapter President Charles Dobias, in Revolutionary uniform, presented the awards. General Joseph Bartholomew Clark Chapter The General Joseph Bartholomew Chapter met on Nov. 13, 2018, to honor veterans at the Chateau Tony Roma's Restaurant. There were 36 compatriots in attendance, 17 of which are veterans. Attendees included special guests: Illinois SAR President Dick Chamblin; Allan C. Campbell, MD, of the Capt. Zeally Moss Chapter; DAR Regent Pat Radue; DAR Chaplain Cherie Valentine; and Dr. Judy Bartolone. Gary List and Ray Owens were the hosts. President Chamblin presented SAR War Service Certificates and Medals to Stephen Kern and Albert Day, both new members, and List, a dual chapter member. After this, matters turned to expressions of recognition and gratitude to our chapter veterans and all veterans for their services and sacrifices in protecting and maintaining our liberties and freedom. Chapter President J. Gordon Bidner recognized individually all attending veteran members and expressed the chapter's gratitude for their service to our country. The chapter has 23 members who served during the World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm or Afghanistan wars and one member who is on active duty. Three are Bronze Star recipients. A pictorial recognition was designed, with pictures of all 24 veteran members organized by their periods of war service, with an indication of unusual medals awarded, on a background of the Raising of the Flag at Mount Suribachi, along with a text statement commemorating their service and the chapter's gratitude for their service. An electronic copy was provided to each GJB veteran and all GJB SAR chapter members. As another expression of our gratitude, the chapter paid for each veteran's meal. The speaker was Rodney "Rocky" Sickmann, a retired U.S. Marine who was one of the hostages of the POW-Iran Crisis. He has authored a book, Iranian Hostage: A Personal Diary of 444 Days in Captivity, and is in high demand to share his experiences. To schedule him, we delayed our Veterans Day celebration to Nov. 13 rather than Nov. 11. The presentation was an informative and animated account of his life, which centered on his time in captivity as a POW of the Iranians. The mistreatment of and constant fear of imminent death instilled in those American prisoners on a daily basis during their captivity are hard to imagine and were not well publicized. 28 SAR MAGAZINE From left, Linda Ashby, VPG Tom Ashby, First Lady Nancy Alter, PG Warren Alter and Jacob Shadinger, IL C.A.R. president, in front of Lincoln's statue . Veterans attending, from left: seated, David Ashbrook, Dick Chamblin, Bud Lewis, Albert Day, Virgil Short; standing, Edward Proctor, Stephen Kern, Lance McCormick, Alan Washburn, Rodney Sickmann, Dan Leifel, Bill White, David Edwards, Russell White, Warren White and Jeff Kretlow.

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