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24 SAR MAGAZINE ARIZONA SOCIETY Prescott Chapter Steve Monez as George Washington, Celeste Cates as Abigail Adams and Jim Cates as Daniel Shays spoke in seven sessions to more than 530 children at the Granville Elementary School in Prescott Valley on Sept. 21, 2018. Monez (Washington) told of how the Articles of Confederation were not working and of the chaos in the country after the Revolution. He spoke about the failure of the Annapolis Convention and the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. He described his reluctance to go and his role once there. Jim (Shays) told of his war service. The government took away his land and the properties of others and threw some into debtor's courts. This caused him and 4,000 others to rebel. Celeste (Adams) told of her wish to fight for women's rights and abolish slavery in her letters to her husband, John, who was minister to England at the time. At the end of each presentation, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were available for each child. Approximately 150 copies were handed out. Washington asked them to read and sign the book above Washington's signature, saying they would read it. Many signed immediately. Younger classes were treated to a simplified version of the Constitution. The kindergartners had the chance to see it. A descrip- tion of the items in our Patriot chest were discussed. The younger grades each received Colonial paper money, above. A teacher's aide said, "It went amazing! The buzz from the teachers was great. The students could not stop talking about it." Saguaro Chapter Constitution Week has been a big educational experience for our society. Thanks go out to Allen Nash, president of the Saguaro Chapter, for including the AZSAR with Christopher Raso, social studies teacher at Canyon Ridge School in Surprise, Ariz. His class dressed in Colonial outfits they made. Raso then arranged to have the lower- grade class come visit these founders. These students came prepared with questions. The Colonial students really knew their parts. They portrayed George and Martha Washington, Betsy Ross, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Crispus Attucks and Paul Revere on a horse he constructed. The AZSAR presented colors and took questions from the class. We were able to meet some 400 students during the event. Tucson Chapter The Tucson Chapter Color Guard, below, joined with all of America on Dec. 15, 2018, in a solemn tribute to our fallen veterans in the Wreaths across America project at Evergreen Cemetery. The color guard, accompanied by the DAR and the Ladies Auxiliary, carried in the colors. Adding to the ceremony was a riderless, caparisoned horse, to symbolize our fallen soldiers, and a motorcycle escort. A six-man color guard fired their flintlocks in sequential order as a salute to our fallen soldiers. News stories about state and chapter events appearing here and elsewhere in the magazine are prepared from materials submitted through a variety of means, including press releases and newsletters (which should be directed to the Editor at the address shown on page 2). Please note the deadlines below. Compatriots are encouraged to submit ideas for historical feature articles they would like to write. Each will be given careful consideration. Deadlines: Winter (February) Dec. 15; Spring (May) March 15; Summer (August) June 15; Fall (November) Sept. 15.

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