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What We Do Matters! H appy New Year, Compatriots. Like many of you, I feel these years seem to fly by more and more quickly. Tim Prater, a dear friend of mine and compatriot from Arizona, once gave me a small slip of paper as a reminder. The slip of paper had typed on it, "What we do matters." We talked about it and what it meant to him, and I thanked him for it. To this day, I have that slip of paper, which I carry in my notebook as a daily reminder. And today, I would like to pass that message on to all of you, because we are making a difference. More about that in a moment. SAR is very active across the nation and in our foreign societies. Speaking of international societies, don't forget that we are still looking for members and friends to join us on our SAR trip to Scotland and optional after- trip to London in May 2019. Time is growing short, so look for details on the SAR website, in articles in the last two SAR magazines, or email SAR@ for further information and to sign up. First Lady Nancy and I continue to travel extensively, from coast to coast and many sites in between. We thank all the districts, state societies and chapters that have hosted us and included us in their many activities and are looking forward to the remainder of our planned trips. But the events we have attended and participated in are just a small part of what SAR does throughout the year in our towns, cities and states. Each district hosts a variety of events and gatherings that impact our communities. I am delighted to see the effort that is being made to support our Public Safety and Heroism Awards, as well as all our Youth Awards. Public Safety—whether it be law enforcement, fire services or EMTs—is experiencing tremendous challenges. A high number of our officers and firefighters lost their lives last year. All need our support and recognition. I also want to thank the many states and districts that have involved the C.A.R. in your activities and meetings. I know many of our SAR members are advisors, leaders and supporters of this great organization. If you have never attended a C.A.R. meeting or event, do yourself a favor and go to one. I guarantee you will be amazed and impressed at the quality of these young leaders—and the fun they have is contagious. You will leave impressed and thinking of how you can do more. I keep saying it, but these young people are our future. I was pleased to see in December just how many of our chapters and states participated—often with C.A.R., DAR and military organizations—in Wreaths Across America. Each year, it gets bigger and better, and we are honored to recognize our servicemen and servicewomen. Support of Wreaths Across America is something we should continue to expand upon. We are continuing our work on the SAR Education Center and Museum with Solid Light and Phase II, Step Two of the project. Members of our SAR Education Center and Museum Ad-Hoc Committee, run by William Stone and Vice Chair Joseph W. Dooley, are working closely with Solid Light to ensure this project is progressing smoothly. Our fundraising efforts also are continuing nicely for future phases of the project. The Rigel Family just announced that their matching grant of $50,000 for the SAR Education Center and Museum was met and exceeded, with total new donations of more than $63,000 by the end of 2018. My thanks to the generosity of the Rigel Family, as well as to the generosity of the matching donors. Keep up the great work; what you do matters. The SAR Foundation, thanks to the efforts of its board and particularly to the hard work of Sarah Strapp Dennison, is continuing to raise funds for the SAR in all areas. Members are reminded to visit the Foundation website and click on the "Donate" link. If you are not already giving or haven't donated previously, please consider doing so. One easy way is the monthly giving option, where you can choose the amount to be automatically deducted each month and select which of your favorite SAR funds to support from the drop-down menu. Many find this a relatively easy way to contribute to the SAR and their chosen fund(s). What is important is not the amount you give but that you as a member decide to contribute and support the SAR. As previously noted, when we are contacting outside donors and companies for contributions and support, we are sometimes asked what percentage of our members contribute to the SAR. We have more than 37,000 members in the SAR. Let's see how many we can get to participate. Please support your organization. What we do matters! Speaking of the Foundation and supporting SAR, I want to recognize and remember President General (2012-13) Stephen Leishman, who passed away unexpectedly in December. He was a guiding light and active member for nearly 20 years. Even after completing his year as PG, he continued his service to our society and was elected to the SAR Foundation for two terms, 2013-19. He also continued to serve on multiple national WINTER 2018-19 3 Continued on page 5 Whether you are a color guard member who teaches students or commemorates a historic battle to the public or a chapter member responsible for arranging guest speakers, you are impacting and changing the lives of those present.

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