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6 SAR MAGAZINE SAR's and the Clements Library's missions. Having visited the library on a recent trip to Michigan, I can tell you it has expansive Revolutionary War materials, which are a must- see for anyone interested in that period of history. He was an interesting speaker, and we look forward to learning more about how the SAR and Clements Library can collaborate in the future to expand our educational outreach programs. In addition to the usual committee meetings on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, we had two training sessions on Saturday afternoon after the Trustees' meeting. One was officer training for Trustees, and the other was training on reconciliation forms to assist state secretaries and others in preparing their society's annual reconciliation reports. Speaking of which, have you paid your dues for 2019? If you haven't received a dues notice, contact your chapter or state and find out when you will. Dues are due by Dec. 31 at the latest. It is critical to our growth and retention that members renew, which, in turn, supports our mission. Thank you in advance for renewing your annual due! These training sessions are good, but I am going to work with the presenters to see if we can develop a program of video training so that members can avail themselves to this training online. Currently, members must choose which they wish to attend and miss the other. We have limited time at Leadership meetings, and the training should be offered to far more than just those who attend Leadership. I know from interacting with DAR that they do most of their training online to increase effectiveness and track attendance. We also had the usual ExCom meetings (Thursday and Saturday mornings), the majority of which was reported and presented at the Trustees Meeting for action on Saturday. I will discuss these in detail in the Trustees Meeting section. Other issues approved by ExCom but not requiring Trustee approval included: n $15,000 of the 2018 Building and Education Outreach Fund be set aside to perform necessary IT enhancements for headquarters. n Council of Youth Awards, Award Election Form revised as submitted to the ExCom by the Council of Youth (administrative changes). n Proposed bylaw modification to Bylaw 20, referred to Bylaws and Resolution Committee for further action n Medals and Awards Committee Recommended actions: o Modify requirements for Compatriot Grave Marking Medal to a minimum contribution requirement of minimum $60 per event for those claiming credit through contributions. o Modify requirements for Patriot Grave Marking Medal to a minimum $60 per event for those claiming credit only through contributions. o Approve 2021 SAR Congress Medal (WASSAR). o Approve Washington Achievement Medal (WASSAR). The Foundation Meeting was a productive one. We approved the proposed budget, and adopted a recommendation from an ad-hoc committee on implementing the "Best Practices for Non-Profit Foundations." These are both positive steps, which benefit both the FOU and the SAR. Additionally, we learned that—thanks, in large part, to SAR Foundation Fund Raising Manager Sarah Strapp Dennison—we have continued a positive fund-raising effort for the SAR Education Center and Museum. Through a new donor module program, Donor Perfect, that she identified and implemented, we have far better records and ability to produce reports. She and the Foundation have been working hard to meet the goal of $550,000 to be able to proceed with Phase II, Step Two of the Education Center and Museum Project. In the most recent Foundation mail campaign, the Foundation has already received more than $16,000 in new donations in just the first few weeks. That, plus a successful "Give for Good Louisville" one-day giving campaign that Ms. Dennison enrolled us in, netted an additional $10,000+ in that one day. As it turns out, this, plus several other recent donations by generous donors, has taken us over the $550,000 needed to proceed to the next phase of our Education Center and Museum Project. My thanks to the many people who are supporting our fundraising efforts. Read on for more. At the Trustees Meeting, we had numerous informational and action items presented. For those of you who haven't been at Headquarters lately, a large part of the second- floor buildout and remodeling was completed. It provides office spaces for Finance and the Foundation at the back of the second floor, and a newly renovated and designed area to provide new workstations for all our existing genealogy staff, with growth potential for additional staff when necessary. The member database is progressing (see RFP report below). Although we have not finished the RFP for the new website, we have made significant progress, and IT staff and the IT Committee are attempting to make additional changes, continually improving the site. Like many of our members, I am not satisfied with our website as it currently stands, and we will be continuing our efforts to improve or replace it. However, if you want to see a wonderful new website that is working well, look at the one Sarah Dennison implemented for the SAR Foundation. You can reach it through our main site at or directly through . This site is responsive, informative and allows for members and the public to make donations quite easily. There is a drop-down menu where you can specify where you want your donation to be applied. You can make a one-time donation or schedule regular monthly or annual donations automatically deducted from your credit card. Many of us have already taken advantage of this, as it makes it so easy to donate. It lists the various funds you may donate to, such as the SAR Educational Center and Museum, Youth Contests, Kings College and various other Special Operating Funds. You specify where you want your donation to go. If you don't see the one you are looking for, contact Sarah Dennison at headquarters and ask her if she can add it. We are intent on tracking and meeting all contributors' desires to have their money applied where they intend. Now to the major actions taken at the Leadership Meeting through the Trustees. We had several items presented to the Trustees for their review and approval. The following issues were presented, and except the last item regarding changes to guidelines for candidates, all motions were approved by the Trustees: n RFP Member Database – Recommendation was to select "Mission Data" as the awardee under the Membership Database RFP. n Motion to allocate up to $75,000 from the IT Budget for the initial discovery and development strategy phase of the project with Mission Data. This will get our development of the new Membership Database started. This has been one of the two priorities for the IT Committee. n Motion from the Investment Committee that the Trustees approve the Fifth Third Bank proposed "Interim Allocation Policy" for the newly formed NSSAR Restricted Fund (NRF). These funds are new restricted funds totaling approximately $79,000 (consisting of the Dr.

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