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34 SAR MAGAZINE Hiwassee Chapter of Athens, Tenn. Col. Don Edmands Jr., USAF (Ret), representing the chapter, recently flew to Europe to make the presentation. Edmands participated in the Spangdahlem High School Annual Awards day. Cadet Second Lt. Andres Mercado was awarded the SAR Bronze ROTC Medal and was promoted to squadron commander and aviation chief for the coming school year. His father, Staff Sgt. Andrew Mercado, is with the 52nd Fighter Wing Maintenance Group. His family calls Texas home. Ceremonies were conducted at a new location this year, as the high school has moved from Bitburg AFB to Spangdahlem AFB, Germany. The students are attending a school run by the Department of Defense for dependent children of service members serving overseas. This was the ninth consecutive year Edmands has made the trip to Germany to award the SAR medal. TEXAS SOCIETY On July 16, the North Texas Color Guard fired three rounds on the square at the Veterans Memorial in Sulphur Springs, Texas, saluting World War II veteran Pvt. John E. Phinney, who until recently had only a cemetery marker stating, "Known only to God." Bernardo de Galvez Chapter President John Hamlin presents George Washington Chapter DAR Regent Cheryl Tucker with the ladies SAR Freedom Medal at the September joint Constitution Day Luncheon meeting. Plano Chapter When I first heard about this cannon, it brought back memories about my days flying reconnaissance over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and Vietnam. We'd come back to base, assured that we had found artillery, only to be told that they were wooden poles painted black. That trick is not new and was used all the way back in the Revolutionary War. There are recorded instances of commanders using a little ingenuity, creating black poles on wheels to convince the British to surrender. Fast-forward to the 21st century and folks are still using the skills that they have to create what they have not. Take the case of Tom Farrell of Meadows, Texas. He used his lathe and a log to create a cannon barrel. He used specifications of a 1776 cannon found at Ft. Ticonderoga, N.Y. He located the wheels and axle made by Charles Laures of Osage, Iowa back in 1840. With the help of Plano Compatriot Peter Rowley, they constructed the carriage for the cannon. Chapter members Mike and Don Rector and Mike Radcliff were busy making cannon balls and other needed implements. In 2006, it was ready to be shown at the SAR National Congress in Dallas. In 2007, the cannon made its debut in the Plano Lions Independence Day Parade, pulled behind Howard Roach's pickup. It was an instant hit and has appeared in many area parades since. In 2018, it and the chapter received special attention when they were asked to be the Grand Marshall for the Plano Lions Independence Day Parade. A local truck dealer provided brand-new Dodge 1500 Ram Extended Cabs to pull the trailers housing the cannon and chapter members. — By Stu Hoyt Waco Chapter Waco Chapter Compatriot Thomas Kubow constructed a public display of more than 80 current and historical flags of the United States for the Fourth of July, 2018. Included were full-sized flags of the American Revolution, those of Colonial powers prior to the Revolution, flags of the branches of military service and service personnel, state flags and commemorative flags of the Vietnam War and the attacks of September 2011. Each flag had a placard with information on its origin and significance. A local television station interviewed Compatriot Kubow—in Continental Army uniform—and showed the display at its opening; a North Texas Color Guard (from left): Bill Watts (Dallas Chapter), Walt Thomas (East Fork-Trinity Chapter), Dr. Montie Monzingo (East Fork- Trinity Chapter), Tom Whitelock (Dallas Chapter), Bob Kubin (East Fork-Trinity Chapter), Gary Lovell (East Fork-Trinity Chapter), David Rediger (East Fork-Trinity Chapter), Terry Holden (Edmund Terrill Chapter) and SAR Northern District Color Guard Commander Ted Wilson (Edmund Terrill Chapter)

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