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FALL 2018 29 Jones Chapter in 2012. They are descendants of Sgt. Jonathan Robinson, Massachusetts Militia. James graduated from Annapolis High School this May. Before retirement, Capt. Macris was a professor of Middle East history and politics at the academy. James joined the brigade of during Parent's Weekend, Aug. 9-12. On induction day, James was accompanied by his father and his mother, Jennifer Neff Macris. The Gen. Horace Porter Award has been awarded to the midshipman who has contributed the most to promoting history within the history department. The award was instituted in 1977 and is named after Porter because of his steadfast determination to locate and have the remains of John Paul Jones returned to the United States from France. Porter, a New Yorker and West Point graduate, served as the third President General of the SAR from 1892 to 1896. He was ambassador to France for both Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt when he began his search for Jones. The remains were found and returned to Annapolis on April 24, 1906. MICHIGAN SOCIETY The Michigan Society and Massachusetts Society jointly collaborated to rededicate the original SAR Patriot grave marker of Joshua Bentley with a public ceremony held Saturday, May 5 at the Old Burying Ground in Groton, Mass. The iron SAR artifact, cast in the late 1800s by M.D. Jones and Company in Boston and missing for more than 75 years, was discovered by Michigan Compatriot John Raya while traveling in Arizona. John quickly realized the significance of the marker when he found it for sale in an antique store in Mesa and then noticed that a copper name tag was still attached. He didn't hesitate paying the $50 asking price and immediately went to work trying to identify where the artifact originated. His initial research identified that two different Joshua Bentleys from New England were living at the time of the Revolution, but after speaking by phone with Eleanor Gavazzai, commissioner of the Old Burying Ground, he learned that the found marker belonged to the well-known local Patriot who was buried in Groton. Bentley and Tom Richardson were two Patriots who performed a crucial service in the American Revolution when, on the evening of April 18, 1775, they risked their lives by rowing Paul Revere from Boston's North End to Charlestown so that Revere could make his historic ride to warn of the approaching British regulars intent on destroying cannon, powder and other supplies stored by American militia. Five members from the Michigan Society participated in the return of the marker. Gerald Burkland, Michigan Color Guard commander; James Walker, Oaks Chapter president, John Raya, 2nd VP of the Oaks Chapter; David Moore color guard drummer; and Ray Lucas, Oaks Chapter genealogist, all made the 800-mile journey to Boston. Massachusetts Society Color Guardsman Sean Conley, who is a descendant of Revere, along with DAR member Helen Davis, a descendant of Bentley, were on hand to place wreaths and accept custody of the marker from Michigan. The ceremony featured 15 members of the Col. Henry Knox Color Guard of the Massachusetts Society, Michigan drummer David Moore, Michigan Color Guard Commander Gerald Burkland, four members of the Acton Minutemen and 18 members of the 6th Middlesex County Regiment. A total of 28 muskets emphasized the significance of the event, with three resounding volleys at the gravesite, concluding with a finale at the flag pole erected by the Groton Minutemen. MINNESOTA SOCIETY The Minnesota SAR Color Guard was in action July 4 at the 12th annual Revolutionary Flying Pancake Breakfast at the Depot Park in Wayzata, Minn. Guests tried to catch pancakes tossed from the griddle, watched Revolutionary soldiers perform and then honored a group of American war veterans. This event was sponsored by the Lake Minnetonka Chapter of the C.A.R., with assistance from the Minnesota SAR Color Guard and the 7th Pennsylvania re-enactment group. At Memorial Hall, from left, Col. Jon M. Aytes, USMC, director of humanities and social sciences division; Dr. Andrew T. Phillips, academic dean and provost; MIDN 1/C Ryan Menke, Gen. Horace Porter awardee; Barrett L. McKown, past president of the John Paul Jones Chapter; and Cdr. Marke Belson, associate chairman, USNA History Department

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