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XX SAR MAGAZINE The business session took place the next morning, followed by a memorial service honoring compatriots who had passed away since the previous annual meeting. Chapter and member awards took place that morning, followed by the Youth Awards Luncheon and officer installation. Howard Knapp is the new president, and Nathan "Nat" Kaminski is the new senior vice president. Cambridge Chapter The Cambridge Chapter sponsored a wreath ceremony at Ninety Six National Historic Site Saturday afternoon, April 7. The site of a battle in 1775 and Gen. Nathanael Greene's siege to dislodge the British in 1781, the star-shaped fort at Ninety Six played a key role in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. The assembly was called to order by Gerald Y. Pitts, vice president of Cambridge Chapter. After extending greetings and a welcome, Pitts introduced Superintendent John Slaughter of the National Park Service. Slaughter, himself a member of the SAR, oversees the management of the Southern Campaign Parks Group: Ninety Six National Historic Site, Kings Mountain National Military Park, Cowpens National Battlefield and the Overmountain Victory Trail. Following the invocation by Chapter Chaplain Ted R. Morton Jr. and pledges led by Cambridge Chapter member and retired NPS Ranger Eric K. Williams, Park Ranger Vanessa Smiley introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Marvin Cann. Cann, retired professor of history at Lander University, spoke on the theme, "Why Historic Preservation and Celebrations are Important." Cann is the author of a historical guide, Old Ninety Six in the South Carolina Backcountry—1700-1781. Cann signed books before and after the wreath program. Cann served with the group led by the late Bruce Ezell that sought to preserve the fort, which had survived from Revolutionary War days. Their efforts resulted in National Park Service protection and development as a national historic site. Following acknowledgements by Williams, the ceremony concluded with a benediction by Chaplain Morton and the recitation of the SAR Recessional led by Samuel Davis, chairman of Cambridge Chapter's Americanism Committee. Colonel Matthew Singleton Chapter Frank Holloway, below, of the Col. Matthew Singleton Chapter prepares to fire a mortar salute April 21 in honor of the brave American Patriots who fought and died at the Battle of Fort Watson April 23, 1781. This victory broke one important link in the British chain of communications and supply outposts between Charleston and Camden. General Francis Marion Chapter The South Carolina Society commemorated the 238th anniversary of the Battle of Waxhaws, better known as Buford's Massacre, May 26, at the battle site near Buford's Crossroads about 9 miles east of Lancaster, South Carolina. The event began at 10:30 a.m. with a formal wreath-laying ceremony and guest speakers. Many guests wore period dress, including Continental and militia attire. The story of Buford's Massacre was told as the bravery of the Patriots was commemorated and the fallen were honored. Col. Abraham Buford was the commander of a Virginia infantry regiment and a company of artillery comprised of about 300 men. On May 29, 1780, British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton pursued Col. Buford from Nelson's Ferry to Buford, near the Waxhaws District. Col. Buford attempted to surrender, but a bloody battle ensued, with American casualties numbering 113. Even more were taken prisoner, and 150 of the 187 prisoners were wounded. Tarleton became known as "Bloody Ban," and "Tarleton's Quarter!" became a rallying battle cry for southern Patriots until the surrender of Gen. Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown. Compatriot Greg Ohanesian has organized this public commemoration for the last 14 years and noted that despite the rain, this year's event drew about 110 members of the public, at least 25 of those being children, hailing from many states and including descendants of those buried at the site. Governor Paul Hamilton Chapter At the March 23 meeting of the Governor Paul Hamilton Chapter, held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Beaufort, South Carolina, a flag streamer for the 237th Anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens was presented. Brady Randolph "Randy" Atkins was inducted as a new member. Two Eagle Scouts received chapter scholarship awards: for 2016, Thomas Clark Henderson (Citadel Cadet); and for 2017, Jacob Denton. Our meeting speaker was author Randell Jones, who presented "Saving Col. Williams – Battle of Kings Mountain." 48 SAR MAGAZINE

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