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SUMMER 2018 5 Advancing America's Heritage, and the SAR Education Center and Museum (the Solid Light Project) in Louisville. We will continue to develop, create and promote through Solid Light more than just a bricks-and-mortar museum, a state-of-the-art educational outreach center that will complement our educational mission. You will hear more about the SAR Educational Center and Museum and the progress we are making at the Fall Leadership Meeting. Let us join other groups in promoting our Patriots' history. We are not in competition with these other facilities; we are all working for the same purpose and need to collaborate. With your help, we will move this project forward. I will also research ways of finishing the buildout of the second floor and rooftop garden so that we may start utilizing those areas to resolve some of the donor recognition issues and develop a revenue source to support the building and our educational outreach. ITEM 4 – PUBLIC SERVICE RECOGNITION To encourage chapter and state participation in this area, I am offering this incentive. Any chapter or state society that presents at least one LE Commendation, one Fire Safety Commendation, one EMS Commendation Medal, and one Medal for Heroism and/or one SAR Life Saving Medal (a minimum total of four different categories of medals) and reports the presentations to the Public Service and Heroism Committee for publication in its annual booklet will receive a special streamer at the California Congress next July. Any chapter or state society that presents all five public safety medals and reports the presentations to the Public Service and Heroism Committee for publication in its annual booklet during this time period will receive the streamer and a $50 cash award from the President General (limited to one $50 award per chapter or state society during the time period listed). To qualify for this award, the medals must be presented between Jan. 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019 and reported to the national chairman of the Public Service and Heroism Committee. ITEM 5 – VETERAN RECOGNITION AND SUPPORT Veteran recognition and support are critical in thanking our military for their dedication and the sacrifices they have made. I encourage each of our chapters to ensure they poll their membership and find who among them are veterans or are currently serving in the military. Once identified, it is crucial that chapters recognize these members. One easy way is with the War Service Medal or the Military Service Medal, whichever is appropriate. There are many ways to support our military veterans. Contact the Veteran Committee or Veteran Recognition Committee for ideas or suggestions. Track your efforts, but remember: whatever we do for our veterans, it is not for the medals or awards; it is to show our thanks and love to these amazing men and women who have sacrificed so much. ITEM 6 – YOUTH AWARDS AND C.A.R. I am encouraging chapters and states to expand support of our youth awards: Americanism Poster and Brochure contests, C.A.R., Rumbaugh Orations, Knight Essay, Eagle Scout, JROTC/ ROTC and American History Teacher. Identify one or more of these programs to start, if you are not already doing so, or expand your support of these programs. Each time we reach a child or young adult through our contests and events, we help educate them about the American Revolution and our heritage. We may spark an interest in history that could last a lifetime. I can't say enough about expanding our support of C.A.R. I have always found that working with and supporting our youth not only helps them but makes you realize just how positive our future is. Nobody can watch a C.A.R. meeting—with children of all ages making reports, leading their society and learning to be the leaders of tomorrow—and not be impressed. We want to find ways to get members interested and stay SAR members. Get members working with youth. It will renew your outlook on life and our future. Engage your members and help our youth at the same time. CONCLUSION I am asking that you work with me, your general officers, your committees, your trustees, your states and societies, and our fantastic SAR staff to make our organization better and more prominent. I have provided you with many areas in which I wish to see us grow or improve. I have suggested several areas that your districts, states and chapters may select or choose to support within the SAR. Some, like communication and growth and retention of members, are basic and critical to our survival. Others, like educational outreach and the SAR Education Center and Museum (Solid Light Project) expand our mission. Supporting and helping public safety and veterans are a powerful ways to say, "Thank you for your service, your sacrifices, and our country." Supporting our Youth Awards and C.A.R. is a way mentor and preserve our country's future and keep us young at heart. Let us work together and help each other by supporting each level of the SAR and by continuing to show the world we are honoring our Patriots' memories. God bless the USA, and God bless the SAR. President General Warren M. Alter Continued from page 3 Warren M. Alter Candidate for SAR Foundation (2019-2022) National Society Servic e Financial Supporter: President General 2018-2019 SAR Life Member Secretary General 2017-2018 GW Fellow Treasurer General 2016-2017 1776 Gold Quill Inspector General 2012-2016 Founder Circle VPG Rocky Mt District 2013 All Youth Programs GWEF Board 8 years Friends of Library National Trustee AZ 3 Years SARACAR National Alt. Trust ee 3 Years Kings College I am announcing my candidacy for the SAR Foundation Board to continue my service to the SAR and the SAR Foundation. For the past three years, my duties have included being an Ex Officio member of the SAR Foundation Board; first as TG, then SG, and now as President General and Chairman of the Foundation. I have always been a strong advocate and supporter of the SAR Foundation, both financially and in working with its members and staff. As an elected Board Member, I will continue to make the Foundation better and stronger to support the SAR and its mission. I am a proven leader with a collaborative philosophy, willing to listen to members and share ideas with others to strengthen communication. A man of integrity, able to make informed decisions, and work efficiently with a wide range of constituents and diverse groups. Please send Endorsements to Nominating Chairman PG Larry Guzy (2017-2018) at Email:

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