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n Extract all the members that appear as the result of your search from all 17 volumes and compile a list for the Appendix in the MS&SRW default "Last Name, First Name order"—occasionally followed by town of origin and rank. n Consider adding an "Honor Roll" column, and manually reformat the default "Last Name, First Name order" into "Rank–First Name Last Name." n The "Honor Roll" list is your final product … Congratulations! That is the process. It just takes time. But I am delighted with the results of the process: 57 Men of Capt. Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen have been identified! I had also created an Appendix of the MS&SRW extracts of the company members (22 pages), which contains the description of service of each of the listed men. Here is a sample of an extracted record: Adams, Zebadiah, New Marlborough. Private, Capt. Moses Soul's co. Col. John Fellows's regt., which marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, from Sandisfield and New Marlborough; service, 17 days; also, muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 8, 1775; service, 3 mos. 1 day; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money, dated Camp at Dorchester, Nov. 1, 1775. Source: MS&SRA Vol 1 pg 83/125. Jim Young and I are so pleased with the outcome that we have proposed a quasi-society: "The Descendants of Capt. Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen." Please look over the Muster Roll of the Capt. Moses Soule's Company (below). If your Patriot is listed, won't you join us?* — Compatriots Tom Adams & Jim Young Mother Lode Chapter SAR, California Society FOOTNOTE: As I completed this draft, I decided to test our proposal to form "The Descendants of Capt. Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen." Using the SAR 2015 Membership Directory, I attempted to contact the descendants of Capt. Moses Soul. The results were encouraging and enlightening! One of Capt. Moses Soul's descendants, Joe Cox, TXSSAR, showed great interest in helping us "muster" the descendants. If you believe you are a descendant, please contact me, Tom Adams,, and join your compatriots. Our numbers are growing. By the end of October 2016, there were already eight of us! Along the way, I have already learned four things that caused me to revise this draft. (1) The MS&SRW most often referred to the company captain as Moses Soul, not Moses Soule. However, his descendants refer to him as Moses Soule, plus his Mayflower ancestor was George Soule. So, I revised his name to Soule; (2) I learned from military historians that though the MS&SRW most often referred to minute-men, "minutemen" is now a more acceptable spelling; (3) I realized from reading the source records, the phrase is either "Company of Minutemen" or "Minuteman Company," and "Company of Minutemen" was far more common; (4) I also learned from military historians that there is a difference between a minuteman company and a militia company so I make that distinction. Consequently, our name became: "The Descendants of Capt. Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen." Capt. Moses Soule Lt. Noah Allen Ensign Solomon Deming Pvt. Joseph Foot (drummer) Pvt. Charles William Soule (fifer) Sgt. Simon Adams Sgt. William Beatman Sgt. Cornelius Cone Sgt. Luke Hitchcock Cpl. Moses Adams Cpl. Richard French Cpl. Darius How Pvt. Obadiah Adams Pvt. Zebediah Adams Pvt. Jonathan Allen Pvt. William Baker Pvt. Obadiah Brown Pvt. Reuben Brown Pvt. Joseph Camfield Pvt. Valentine De Forest Pvt. John Deming Pvt. John Dodge Pvt. Noadiah Gillett Pvt. Samuel Gibson Pvt. Joseph Gleason Pvt. Sylvanus Harris Pvt. Ephraim Hewett Pvt. Jonathan Huntly Pvt. Obadiah Johnson Pvt. John Kidder Pvt. Hezekiah Kilburn Pvt. Ephraim Leonard Pvt. Ezra Manely Pvt. Asa Manely Pvt. William Manely Pvt. Drake Mills Pvt. Joseph Myrick Pvt. Luke Noble Pvt. John Picket Pvt. Timothy Roberson Pvt. Willard Sears Pvt. Ezra Shaw Pvt. Ebenezer Smith Pvt. Nathan Smith Pvt. Benjamin Smith Pvt. Nathan Smith Pvt. Uriah Spalding Pvt. John Stewart Pvt. Timothy Stocking Pvt. John Stuart Pvt. Elisha Terry Pvt. Silas Tracy Pvt. Solon Trescott Pvt. Elijah Tucker Pvt. Isaac Tucker Pvt. Ezra Walker Pvt. Joseph White Capt. Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen O ne of the purposes of the Reenactor and Living History Liaison Committee is to give public recognition to Revolutionary War period historical reenactment and living history organizations for their work in public education. On March 10, Committee Chairman Brett Osborn of the Col. James Wood II Chapter, Virginia SAR, presented a National Society Certificate of Recognition to Joseph Wagner of the Continental Line of unit the 1st Virginia Regiment for recognition of his support in furthering education on the Revolutionary War period. The presentation was made at the 1st Virginia Regiment annual meeting in the American Legion Hall, Alexandria, Virginia. During the presentation, Chairman Osborn learned that for the period 2017-18, Joseph Wagner and four members of the 1st Virginia Regiment had done presentations to schools, churches and civic groups for 2,500 students in Virginia, Maryland and California. Apparently, one member of the team spent his vacation doing presentations out west. The majority of the school presentations in Virginia were for fourth graders, as this is part of their school curriculum for Virginia history. An impressive effort by Wagner and the 1st Virginia team! 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