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12 SAR MAGAZINE 26 SAR MAGAZINE W hen I joined the SAR in 2008, Compatriot Jim Young was the registrar of our newly formed Mother Lode Chapter. Thus, Young was knowledgeable of the content of my SAR application and had read information I had provided him on my Patriot—including the excerpt from the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution War" (MS&SRW). A few years later, when he was preparing a supplemental application for himself, his memory-mind connected the dots, and he discovered that our two Patriots were in the same minuteman company! That minuteman company, in faraway western Massachusetts, like so many others at the time, assembled days after the Lexington- Concord Alarm. The record in the MS&SRW reads that Capt. Moses Soule's company, from New Marlborough, "marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775." Jim and I imagined that our Patriots could have walked side-by-side, Moses Adams and Obadiah Brown, heading east 150 miles from Boston. The common travel allowance at that time was 20 miles a day, meaning they were a week away. These were the minuteman companies, all marching toward the conflict, which would ultimately form the Siege of Boston. For compatriots who are blessed with living in the same region as their Patriots, this coincidence is probably not that surprising—but for two compatriots living in the foothills of Northern California's Sierra Mountains, who had never even been to Massachusetts, it is absolutely remarkable. Soon after learning of the connection between our two Patriots, I traveled to the Berkshire region in Western Massachusetts for the first time. My Patriot had died at Valley Forge. His young wife appears to have died about the same time; she never applied for a pension, and a probate court record shows that her sons were given over to another family. I was desperate for any information. I joined the Berkshire Family History Association and the Western Massachusetts Genealogical Society, and I met with staff and members seeking information, including any report on Capt. Moses Soule's minuteman company coming out of the region. I could find nothing on minutemen or militia companies. A few years later, during an SAR Leadership Meeting in Louisville at the Massachusetts Society's information table before the 2016 Congress, I was lamenting about my lack of information regarding my Patriot to the knowledgeable Dr. David Schrader of MASSAR. MASSAR Society President Steven Perkins and Tom Vincent, president of the Pomeroy Chapter, were also at the table and joined in our conversation. One of them mentioned having heard of a Massachusetts compatriot who had compiled the roll of their local militia by painstakingly searching for members while reading through the entire set of 17 volumes of the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution War: A Compilation From the Archives" (MS&SRW). That is an impressive achievement. Shortly after talking to them, I began to think that I might take on the same task. Then I recalled that the MS&SRW has been digitized—and if the "find" search capability worked, I could actually do this in my own lifetime! As soon as I reached home, I tried the search function, and it worked! If your Patriot was from Massachusetts, the members of his minuteman, or militia, company can be found in the MS&SRW. (I am going to depend on others to develop a process for the other Colonies.) In Massachusetts, you could use the following method to recreate a unit serving under a particular officer, or for large-scale efforts such as reconstituting a town's "honor roll" of Revolutionary War Veterans. That is exactly what I, Tom Vincent (MASSAR), Buck Turner (retired army officer) and James Parrish (NPS historian) are doing for the Town of New Marlborough, Massachusetts. Here are the steps: n Begin by downloading (one at a time) one of the 17 volumes of the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution War: A Compilation From the Archives" (MS&SRW), published in 1896. Source: http://archives.lib.state. . The documents will in PDF format. n First identify the town(s) of origin of soldiers and sailors who define the scope of your "honor roll," or a specific commander your Patriot served under. That is what you will be searching for. n Enter "Ctrl-F," or click on the magnifying glass icon, to bring up the Window's search box, and then insert your search words in the command box and click next. (For this article, the search argument was "Moses Soul.") n I recommend you create an Appendix of the extracts from the MS&SRW of the members of the "honor roll," "militia" or "minuteman company" you are creating. n I recommend you set the final edited extract font to Georgia and 10 point. This will result in the extract appearing in a readable and printable form. n I recommend you manually edit the extracts for OCR errors in copying (e.g. w often comes out vv). Common editing: m = in; mitil = until; Jmie = June; West Pomt = West Point; a?so = also; includmg = including. n I recommend you append the source document reference to the extract. Show the actual page in the MS&SRW the extract came from, plus the PDF page, such as: MS&SRW Vol 1 pg 63/104. How to Re-create Your Patriot's Company CASSAR – Moses Soule's Company of Minutemen

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